Jets now top National Football League in cap Space

Jets now top National Football League in cap Space

Jets now top National Football League in cap Space

In exchange, the Browns shipped quarterback DeShone Kizer and swapped late-round picks with the Packers, gave the Dolphins a fourth-round pick this season and a seventh in 2019 and sent the Bills the No. 65 overall pick in this year's draft.

Dorsey now can build on these moves with all those picks in the first two rounds of the draft. For the record, the number amounts to more wins than Cleveland has had in the last five seasons. As a running back with so many skills and abilities, the Browns will be adding another facet to their offense that hasn't been seen since Trent Richardson back in 2012. Here's to John Dorsey tonight! While Josh Rosen or Sam Darnold may be eye-catching, I still believe the Cleveland Browns will fill this through free agency.

Owning the first and fourth picks in April's draft, the Browns made three separate trades on Friday, hoping to upgrade their roster before making their two first-round selections.

McCarron wants to start and it's unlikely he would want to compete with Taylor, who led the Bills to their first postseason appearance since 1999. Taylor isn't winning you any playoff games, but there are quarterbacks in this draft who will.

Before Friday, it was expected the Browns would take a quarterback first overall, even though it's always been established that Barkley is the most complete player in this year's draft class.

For years the team has been on an endless vision quest to try and find their identity, beginning with finding a franchise quarterback. I thought that this move was great, as the Browns now had a solid receiving duo in Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry. "If it's the Browns, if it's the Giants or whoever, I'm going to come in with my head low and ready to work".

As the deal began being reported, Landry made a post on Twitter that indicated things were "about to get SERIOUS".

The Browns still have plenty of space but not as much as the Jets, who are still in the running for free-agent quarterback Kirk Cousins. It would be a mistake to let Taylor be the reason the Browns got their second or third choice at the position instead of their first. The Browns now can add a play maker and the quarterback for their future both in the National Football League draft. He also caught a career-high nine touchdowns. Yes, the team does save a whole bunch of money by trading him before the start of the new league year, but they also lose their leverage when it comes to trading up in the draft.

In the same way that Cleveland was able to absorb QB Brock Osweiler's contract without blinking just to obtain a second-round pick, they were able to snag the 2017 leader in receptions and still have room to extend him if they so choose.

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