Man attacks SUV with sledgehammer as driver tries to flee crash

Despite the man’s attempt to flee police say he was ultimately found and taken into custody

Despite the man’s attempt to flee police say he was ultimately found and taken into custody

In an arrest report, police said one of the victims told them Lagutenko was traveling southbound on Biscayne Boulevard and crossed the median into oncoming traffic.

With its front grille and a side quarter panel dangling like detached appendages, cellphone video shows the SUV apparently trying to leave the scene.

The driver has been identified as 25-year-old Maxwell Oleg Lagutenko of Aventura.

It was at that point that people gathered around again, with some trying to pry open the auto doors, with one man screaming "Don't move", while others snapped pictures of the Infiniti's license plate.

"That's insane. You know, you have a crash, you stop", witness Anthony Jimenez told Local10.

In the video, one man screams "don't move", but the driver refuses to heed his words and attempts to run. That's when other drivers get out of their cars and try to stop him by shouting and banging on the windows.

Police said an officer who was unaware of the hit-and-run crashes tried to pull over the SUV Lagutenko was driving on Federal Highway and 48th Street because Lagutenko was driving recklessly and the officer noticed the extensive damage to his SUV. The police said the man was found and taken into custody.

The men were intent on detaining the driver because he is accused of causing this wreck, involving several vehicles.

But the driver would not pull over, so the cop backed off because of the Miami PD's no-chase policy for non-violent crimes.

Police say they do not encourage drivers to try and stop someone from leaving the scene of a crash.

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