NRA leadership, not members, blocking reasonable gun control

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The message was clear.

Quickly building a following of over 1.16 million, González has used her experience to confront lawmakers, President Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association under the #NeverAgain movement. "We have seen that correlation year after year". In the wake of the Florida shooting, there appears to be little momentum for the federal government to take action.

"You just can't help yourself", one reader, who identified himself as an NRA member, wrote about Times-Mirror coverage that has included an editorial, letters from mothers of school children and an appeal to stop the madness from a former soldier trained to use assault weapons.

It would be hard to find a newsroom in the US that hasn't been affected by covering unspeakable tragedies caused by the availability of guns.

Cruz allegedly used an AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle and carried multiple magazines. Instead of reducing the influx of access to guns in our country, Congress is now voting to reduce the gun control laws by allowing carrying concealed weapons across state lines promoting a vigilante type justice. In The Washington Post, Ron Klain points out that "even as the assault-weapons ban and Brady Bill were in effect, the NRA - not its opponents - was losing at the ballot box". Yes, we have lots of statistics and we even have various groups that are doing the research, but the main governmental organization charged with protecting public health, the CDC, hasn't been able to do nationwide, comprehensive research. But collectively all of these steps begin to challenge the NRA's much-touted "gun culture" sloganeering.

There is no objection to people owning guns for safety or sport. However, the methodology behind that figure has been called into question by David Hemenway, director of the Harvard Injury Control Research Center. And due to recent support from the White House, I'm compelled to consider two of the above in the same breath: teachers and gun ownership. "He's really insane. You better come and take his guns away". We might say, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" Gun possession significantly increases your risk of being killed by someone you know. It is not shocking that more guns equate to more gun violence. Mississippi, which Giffords said is the top exporter of illegal guns to other states, had the worst gun laws in the nation and the fourth-highest gun death rate, according to the group.

The Dickey Amendment should be overturned.

While Colorado Democrats don't have any other proposed measures on the books restricting gun owners, they have made yet another concerted effort to stonewall any attempts by state Republicans to loosen gun laws. This makes sense. But it is not terrorists (for many, a code word for Muslims) who are killing Americans at schools, churches and entertainment venues.

Since the shooting, there have been firm cries against the current policies in place for gun rights. To delay any longer is to dishonor the 17 lives lost in Parkland, and the more than 38,000 Americans killed annually by guns.

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