Nyepi celebrations: Mobile internet turned off for Bali's New Year

Sending a text or uploading a selfie on Bali's Day of Silence is offensive and will now be forbidden

Sending a text or uploading a selfie on Bali's Day of Silence is offensive and will now be forbidden

Sometimes, you might turn off your home internet or cell network so you can disconnect and enjoy down time, but how often do you hear a country doing that for you?

Nyepi, or Day of Silence, is a Hindu new year celebrated on the island of Bali.

The island's airport will also shut for 24 hours from 06:00 on Saturday (22:00 GMT Friday).

The internet shutdown for Nyepi will be a first in the Indonesian island's history, and it's notable because Indonesia has one of the most prolific populations when it comes to internet use.

"We don't want any WhatsApp, Line, Google or mobile phone services operating during Nyepi because they are a disturbance", Sudiana told ucanews.com on March 13. The Bali head of Indonesia's Ministry of Communications, Nyoman Sujaya, confirmed that data will be off for 24 hours following an agreement with telecommunications companies, according to AP.

"Wifi at hotels, public services and vital objects such as airports, hospitals, security forces and banking still can run normally", he said.

Apparently, Indonesia is one of the world's most connection nations; their government even shuts down the global airport on the day of silence.

Starting from 6 a.m. local time, Hindus in the resort-laden island began observing amati geni (abstaining from lightning fires), amati karya (abstaining from work), amati lelungan (abstaining from traveling outside the family compound) and amati lelanguan (abstaining from entertainment).

This Saturday, the quiet will extend to internet on mobile devices.

It's reportedly the first time the internet has been shut off the for the holiday, although religious and government leaders made the same request a year ago.

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