Oscar-nominated film reviews: Read about top contenders for Academy Awards

Oscars 2018 As Jimmy Kimmel Returns As Host A Piece Of Advice From Ellen DeGeneres

Oscars 2018 Jimmy Kimmel hosts the Oscars second time in a row

One question mark going into year's ceremony has little to do with who wins the night's biggest trophies.

Naturally, numerous movies I liked aren't on the Academy's radar and don't have an Oscar campaign, but after writing down every 2017 movie I saw, and then running through the nominations, I'm left with 'Wind River' as a snub among my personal favorites. Who are your picks?

I got so excited I wrote a column about it.

It also gave Frances McDormand a Best Actress award in the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG), and Baftas. It will fully deserve the win too. "I hope it actually is having some positive impact". Anderson, meanwhile, is revered for his unconventional films like Inherent Vice.Amos said del Toro is adored the world over, particularly in Hollywood. "I promise not to grab the mic if we win!"

In a nod to Oscar-nominated Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Sabo has erected three billboards a few miles from the theater that call on Hollywood's elite to speak up in wake of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. IMAX might sound like a technical gimmick but for a film like Dunkirk, it is the only existing film format that can do justice to Nolan's intention behind the film - to provide a sensory cinematic experience to the viewer unlike any they have experienced before this. They see less chance for "Get Out, " "Lady Bird" and "Dunkirk" unless the motion picture academy's quirky voting system throws a curve.

Rockwell has leapfrogged over original front-runner, Willem Dafoe, whose rather scruffy, all-suffering, flea-bag hotel manager in "The Florida Project" had also captured many critics' hearts. While I am not naturally gifted in maths, something doesn't seem to add up here.

The 22-year-old was widely unknown prior to his appearance in the film "Call Me by Your Name". I think "The Post" is the weakest of all the nine nominees.

A possible spoiler is Laurie Metcalf, as the proud, prickly, hovering mom in "Lady Bird". I'm pretty sad that it wasn't. I would love for every award recipient to not feel like they have to acknowledge it independently.

Cinematography is a big category to watch this year because, for the first time in the history of the Academy Awards, a woman is nominated in this category: Rachel Morrison, for Mudbound. These movies all skew sort of middle of the road. They are joined by actor Wesam Keesh (ABC's upcoming legal drama For the People). "More than anything, it was the right one". But a lot of these movies are so run of the mill. It was just so stale and non-eventful...

From Natalie Portman's sly gender shout-out during the Best Director category ("And the all-male nominees are.") to Oprah Winfrey's galvanizing Cecil B. DeMille Award Acceptance speech, some of the best moments of the Golden Globe Awards broadcast were fueled by Hollywood's collective injustice awakening.

Wilkinson: Meryl Streep can get nominated for literally anything she does. This Oscars preview will provide predictions for the most honorable categories and the evening as a whole. Guillermo Del Toro, who wrote and directed the 21st Century Fox Inc. film "The Shape of Water, " was accused of plagiarizing his sci-fi tale about a mute women who falls in love with a reptilian humanoid.

Edwards: The fact that this movie created a new dialogue among people who saw the movie and even people who didn't see the movie.

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