Pulse Gunman's Dad Was FBI Informant, Now Under Investigation

The Noor Salman trial wraps up this week

Pulse Gunman's Dad Was FBI Informant, Now Under Investigation

The defense team revealed the information in a motion filed just hours before calling their first witness on behalf of Noor Salman, who stands accused of aiding her husband, Omar Mateen, and obstructing state and local investigations.

Before Salman's trial, her attorneys had sought to prevent the statement from being presented as evidence. Mateen raped and choked Salman, she said, and she feared he was capable of killing her. Specifically, they questioned whether the father had foreknowledge of Omar Mateen's attack and whether he "played a significant role" in the FBI's decisions to drop its investigations of his son in 2013 and 2014.

"You're going to have to find that Ms. Salman knowingly engaged in misleading conduct", Sweeney said as the prosecution and defence began their closing arguments to jurors.

Salman told Federal Bureau of Investigation agents after her husband's attack that she knew about his plans.

During Wednesday's closing arguments, prosecutors at the trial of Noor Salman said that her husband, Pulse shooter Omar Mateen, originally planned to attack Disney Springs by hiding a rifle under a baby doll in a baby stroller.

The government's "violations in this case have placed Ms. Salman, the jury, and this Court in a dark wood where the search for truth has been thwarted", they wrote, paraphrasing and citing 15th Century Italian poet Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy. "I don't know why he did it", he told NBC News at the time. The defense said that Mateen's browser history showed that he made a decision to attack the Pulse at the last minute, so she could not have known what he was doing.

Sweeney showed a video of the Disney Springs complex that captured Mateen walking near the House of Blues club in the hours before the Pulse attack.

Sweeney said Salman didn't know that Mateen was going to the Pulse nightclub on the night of the attack. Certainly, defense attorneys say a woman who expected her husband to soon be dead or in jail wouldn't have purchased Father's Day gifts to give her husband days before the shooting took place.

Seddique Mateen is also now under investigation for money transfers to Pakistan and Turkey that were revealed after officers searched his residence while investigating Omar Mateen's attack. And she said she was with Mateen as he drove around the Pulse site a week before the attack, even though cell phone records indicate that trip never happened.

The video shows the police engaging Mateen, but it does not show his final moments. They have argued at trial that it was coerced.

The government has accused Salman of giving false statements about the number of guns he owned, his social media activity and internet use at home. That Salman could not plan for an attack because she was simple and has a low IQ, for example, should mean nothing to jurors, she says, "Helping you husband in a mass murder is not something you have to be a genius to say no to", Sweeney said, while referring to Salman as cold, callous and caring for no one else, except maybe her son.

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