Stephen Hawking: On God and Science

Stephen Hawking Is Dead at Age 76

Stephen Hawking: On God and Science

They were visionary and at times eccentric, but Hawking has been more than that: disembodied, a living challenge to the laws of nature he wanted to bring into a single "theory of everything".

In "Professor Dowell's Head", a 1925 science fiction novel by Alexander Belyayev that was a must-read when I was a kid, a dying scientist bequeaths his body to a colleague who then revives just the heart and the head. His response: there is no need for a creator. I'd say that, statistically, it is an even better bet that I will never know of that person. "The laws may have been decreed by God, but God does not intervene to break the laws".

"His courage and persistence with his brilliance and humour inspired people across the world".

"We recently lost a renowned scientist, cosmologist Stephen Hawking". But now science offers a more convincing explanation.

During those visits, the physicist met with religious leaders including Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI.

Even the science ministry, which issued a press statement on the minister's engagement at the 105th ISC, chose not to mention what Vardhan told the gathering of scientists on Hawking's alleged statement on Vedas.

Bhatkar is now the chancellor of the Nalanda University and on a government panel that has been set up for carrying out scientifically validated research on cow derivatives, including its urine, and its benefit. He insisted, "Nothing was around before the Big, Big Bang". He remarks in his 2010 book "The Grand Design", that gravity created the universe. Professor Hawking believed: "Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something".

"God not only plays dice with the universe, but sometimes throws them where they can't be seen", Hawking once said, according to his obituary in the New York Times.

"It is the height of self-centredness to put Stephen Hawking's death in terms of yourself", one enraged Twitter user wrote. But science makes God unnecessary.

"God is the name people give to the reason we are here", he said in an interview.

While the critics thought the comment mocked the famous mastermind, it nevertheless reflected Hawking's scientific search for the truth about the origin of the universe prior to his death early Wednesday.

In 2011, his comments to the Guardian also explained his belief about the afterlife. "I am an atheist", he said. Heaven, he said, was "a fairy story for people afraid of the dark".

Stephen Hawking (8 January, 1942 - 14 March, 2018) passed away in the early hours of Wednesday, leaving behind a rich intellectual legacy that will dominate theoretical physics for years to come. He lived with ALS, a progressive, neurodegenerative disease, for much longer than expected. Doctors told him that his condition would shorten his life expectancy and predicted he might die young, However, he surprised the world with his genius mind for decades.

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