Ted Cruz Releases Country Song Jabbing 'Liberal' Opponent After Winning Primary

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Ted Cruz Releases Country Song Jabbing 'Liberal' Opponent After Winning Primary

The song was directed at the victor of the Democratic primary, Beto O'Rourke. "Not a chance he'll get a vote from millions of Texans", the song continued.

"Cruz lacks Trump's visceral instincts", said Paul Begala, a Democratic strategist.

GOP Senator Ted Cruz and Democrat contender Beto O'Rourke are set to face-off in this year's midterms after winning their primaries in Texas.

"There's no doubt the extreme left right now is energized". Cruz is a well-connected incumbent with more cash on hand-about $6 million to O'Rourke's $4.9 million. "But the good news is there are more conservatives than there are liberals in Texas".

"In terms of the jingle, some of it is just having a sense of humor". Texas has not elected a Democrat statewide since 1994.

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With a quick photo response that leaned more cute than cutting, Mr. O'Rourke may be able to defuse any lasting effect of Mr. Cruz's approach.

"If you're gonna run in Texas, you can't be a liberal, man, 'cause liberal thought is not the spirit of a Lone Star man", the song goes.

O'Rourke did similarly poorly in south Texas and the Rio Grande Valley on Tuesday night and won a little over 60 percent of the vote overall, despite facing two opponents, Sema Hernandez and Edward Kimbrough, with little money or name recognition.

"But the biggest crime of this song isn't the hypocrisy or the lyrics", Colbert said.

"At the end of the day, I think we're going to see a very strong election day in November", Cruz said.

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