Teenager arrested for impersonating sheriff's deputy

Teenager arrested for impersonating sheriff's deputy

Teenager arrested for impersonating sheriff's deputy

Authorities put a teenager behind bars after he was allegedly impersonating a San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department deputy late Tuesday. However, the teen insisted entering the house but was stopped by the house owner who locked the door in front of him. The boy left and the homeowner called law enforcement.

After exiting the parked SUV, the teen went to the front door and made contact with the residents, telling them he was there to investigate a report of a domestic disturbance.

The homeowner said there was no problem and no one at the home had called for help.

The probe was launched a day earlier when the boy pulled into a driveway in the 13600 block of Mica Avenue in Victorville, according to a news release from the Victorville Police Department. The vehicle reportedly belongs to the 14-year-old's great-grandmother, with whom he lives, according to spokeswoman Mara Rodriguez.

A further investigation revealed two additional incidents on Monday night when the teen allegedly impersonated a law enforcement officer, including one where police said he pulled over a female motorist in the area of Amethyst Road.

A person believed to be the same boy pulled over a driver and, after getting her information, gave her a warning and let her go.

During a separate incident that day, the juvenile turned on his emergency lights, drawing a 16-year-old out of a home. The teenager told the suspect he didn't know anything about it, and the suspect then drove away. The suspect left the scene. Jasmine said the family reported the incident to the Victorville Police Department, which opened an investigation.

During a search of the 14-year-old's home, detectives found the uniform worn during the incident, in addition to a large amount of counterfeit money, fake guns, ballistic vests and other law enforcement related items. Police say the teen, who was on probation, was arrested and booked into juvenile detention. The boy then started tormenting southern Californians with fake traffic stops and home visits, according to Victorville police.

Impersonation of a police officer is a misdemeanor in California punishable by a combination of a short prison sentence and fine, but the teen's age could theoretically lessen the sentence if he is found guilty. Police are still trying to identify and find the woman from the traffic stop and the resident from the other false domestic disturbance call.

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