Tesla: report of flawed parts has "nothing to do" with cars' quality

A new Tesla Model 3

A new Tesla Model 3

Tesla was responding to a CNBC report that said the company was churning out a high ratio of flawed parts leading to costly rework and production delays, citing several current and former employees. It's notable that those claims were apparently based on nothing but a limited number of interviews with former employees and unnamed sources who were reportedly still working at the Fremont production facility.

The company saw two high-level executives, Susan Repo, Tesla's corporate treasurer and vice president of finance, and Eric Branderiz, chief accounting officer, leave the company within about a week of one another.

"Our remanufacturing team does not "rework" cars", a spokesperson said. Manufacturing specialist Matt Girvan, the founder of MAG Consulting, said: "Even during what is considered "launch" mode, if a company is selling its cars to customers, it should not be experiencing large amounts of rework". In order to ensure the highest quality, dedicated inspection teams track every auto throughout every shop in the assembly line to document and address potential issues. That is why we review every vehicle for even the smallest refinement and conduct extensive end of line quality checks before a customer takes delivery of their auto. We care about even the smallest imperfection like a slight paint gloss texture or a wheel alignment check.

In the statement, Tesla highlighted a dramatic increase in the overall efficiency of the Fremont factory. It is undeniably a good thing that is ultimately better for the environment and if well done is equally good for the customer.

With the Model 3 and now Tesla Semi, the automaker transitioned from AC induction motors used in the Model S and Model X to permanent magnet motors.

Tesla denied some of the claims while acknowledged the plant shutdowns and delays saying there will likely be more. Tesla also told CNBC the production levels have improved significantly: "Whereas before it took three shifts with considerable overtime to produce our target annual production of 100,000 Model S and X vehicles, now it can be done with only two shifts and minimal overtime".

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