The Witcher 2 Coming Soon To Xbox One X Enhanced Program - Rumor

Xbox One X Enhanced Xbox One X Backwards Compatibility image

The Witcher 2 Coming Soon To Xbox One X Enhanced Program - Rumor

We have made a decision to compare Forza Horizon here, which is an open world game that originally launched for the Xbox 360.

Xbox One X: Best Looking Enhanced Xbox Games Fri, November 3, 2017 The best looking One X Enhanced games out now or coming soon.

Since we don't have any official sales figures for Xbox One, the best number we have comes from the insider and Niko Partner analyst Daniel "ZhygeEx" Ahmad, and he claims roughly 35 million Xbox One has been sold.

As with existing "Xbox One X Enhanced" Xbox 360 games, the boost to Forza Horizon is primarily focused on upgrading the visual quality. These enhancements are all within the Xbox 360 emulator itself, part of every Xbox 360 game download on Xbox One, meaning it doesn't touch the original game code.

Congrats to Microsoft on the success of the program so far, and we're excited to see what comes around next. You get a higher resolution plus nine times more the pixel count.

As enhanced graphics are turned on by default for all Enhanced Xbox 360 games, it's a good thing to give a bit more choice to gamers.

Xbox One X has the ability to play some of the backward compatible games using the additional hardware power offered to render 9x the original resolution with some additional benefits.

"We introduced a settings switch with two graphical modes to select from".

On top of that, being the game already available for PC, it would be rather easy for CD Projekt RED to push the boundaries on consoles too, taking advantage of the graphics (native 4K would look easily achievable) and performances (perhaps even 60fps, like the unpatched The Witcher 3) witnessed on higher spec machines.

Sudden changes in framerate can be jarring-taking you out of the game experience. There is some insane wizardry going here under the hood because the visual upgrade is eye popping one.

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