Vero App: 7 Things to Know About This Hot Instagram Alternative

People Are Calling Vero the New Instagram — but Is It Worth the Hype

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"Over the past few days we've jumped from #19 to #3 on the USA iTunes Social Networking charts, and have cracked the top 10 list of Free Apps-and our users continue to increase daily", the Vero representative told Inverse. At some point in the future anyone outside of the first million users will need to pay a small fee. The social media platform, which soared in popularity over the weekend, claims to be a less-cluttered version of Facebook. One of the major parts of the service is setting friend levels.

When I finally heard back from my friend, whose post introduced me to Vero, she was already exhausted by the bugginess, and seemed to have given up. Hence, you'll need to be patient until it works out the kinks.

Most contentious of all, people simply googling the app founder's name discovered his ties to an horrific 2016 event in Saudi Arabia, where a construction company run by his family withheld pay from thousands of immigrant workers, and then abandoned them without food, water or electricity in labour camps. He wasn't satisfied with the existing social networks. Instead of showing you a carefully crafted set of posts designed to increase your time on site and drive ad views and purchases, Vero is hoping to create a better social network.

If you have noticed how many well-known photographers shared about using Vero recently, you aren't alone.

While it's not clear exactly why this app, which has been around since 2015, is suddenly so hot, it might have to do with people's frustrations around Instagram's slew of ads and non-chronological ordering of news feed posts. With options of "close friend", "friend", "acquaintance" or "follower", this latter function might be the most awkward thing to happen to friendships since MySpace's top 8. The feature allows you to share your favorite songs on Vero and let your friends listen to them right then and there, which is something Instagram doesn't. Well, the app isn't making money just yet, but the company is planning to eventually rely on user subscriptions for the majority of its revenue.

Much like Instagram, Vero lets you upload and edit images.

The app, which is available on iPhones and Androids, has been so widely downloaded around the world in recent days that it's led to technical issues.

Is there Vero for the Web? We're working to restore things.

Vero says only you can see how each connection is classified, and calls these classifications "loops". Also, there are no ads on Vero.

And Vero was only too happy to use its rival's current woes to its advantage, branding itself as the "Facebook killer" with a less cluttered appearance and better user experience.

My first gripe with Vero came when I saw someone promoting it on Instagram.

Annoyingly, both of these methods only submit a request, and you'll be waiting for Vero to follow through.

I went for it anyway, though I did have trouble getting a text message from the app. Once you have connections and start posting, your feed will appear here.

While it might be fab for bloggers who want their followers to see ALL their posts, it's just a bit meh for the regular user AND it's extremely worrying how hard it is to leave.

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