Voter Turnout Will Be Crucial In Toss-Up Special Election

Voter Turnout Will Be Crucial In Toss-Up Special Election

Voter Turnout Will Be Crucial In Toss-Up Special Election

Lamb's bump in the polls comes as Republicans have become increasingly anxious about a Democratic upset in a western Pennsylvania district that President TrumpDonald John TrumpAccuser says Trump should be afraid of the truth Woman behind pro-Trump Facebook page denies being influenced by Russians Shulkin says he has White House approval to root out "subversion" at VA MORE won by almost 20 points in 2016.

The final day of campaigning Monday before votes are cast in western Pennsylvania's closely watched congressional election drew a visit by Donald Trump Jr. and lots of door-knocking all over the southwestern district where polls show a close race.

Saccone, for his part, has decided that embracing Trump wholeheartedly is his best political strategy.

For a few moments Saturday, Trump gave voters a glimpse into the alternate universe where he's a traditional, cautious and scripted commander in chief. He can say, 'I love President Trump.'. "Rick would do a great job in Congress.This race will be about turnout", Thompson said. He needs the residents of Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District to nationalize their choice and make him a proxy for what they already think about Washington, the president and the issues that define their party affiliation.

DETROW: But that's not Trump. "He believes in things just like us, and we are gonna elect someone who does and believes things just like us". He viewed his historic decision to hold nuclear negotiations with North Korea through the framework of how cable news hosts reacted. Anybody could've done it. Obama could've done it. Obama had a chance.

DETROW: But through it all, Trump laid out his campaign argument for the upcoming midterms and for his eventual 2020 re-election campaign. "He's progun, he's protariff, he's pro-Trump essentially, " she said. Neither Lamb nor Saccone has made the ongoing Russian Federation investigation bedeviling Trump part of his pitch, but the paper insisted the country must not "dive into so great a distraction". Look what we've done.

While the telegenic young Lamb has impressed even Republicans with his disciplined campaign, and calculated splits with the national Democratic Party, Republicans have blasted Saccone for weak fundraising, an inability to tell his own story as a veteran, his deep hostility to unions in a union-heavy district, and past mistakes like telling a mother whose kid had died of opioid abuse that addiction was a "family responsibility" and it's not taxpayers' responsibility to help, a brutal remark in a district where opioids are a serious problem. According to Rothman and other experts from the area, union, blue-collar workers who traditionally voted as conservative Democrats made all the difference in a securing the president's win in the area.

After a victory in Virginia and a Senate upset in conservative Alabama, Democrats are dreaming about another win that would suggest the Republicans might struggle to retain control of the House.

TRUMP: We need our Congressman Saccone. "It doesn't matter, we will impeach him'".

TRUMP: You have to have him.

He has eschewed the national Democratic brand, saying he would not support House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi as speaker. "I don't know much about Rick Saccone", he acknowledged, adding that he remains skeptical about Trump.

DETROW: Will this pitch work?

The polls depends on a model that anticipates a surge in Democrats at the polls.

Trump and Saccone did not stop taking questions until they turned to scandal.

TRUMP: The world is watching. "Are you with me on that?"

They'll choose between three candidates - former federal prosecutor Conor Lamb (D - Mt. Lebanon), state Rep. Rick Saccone (R - Elizabeth), and Drew Miller (L - South Side).

Given the size of the president's 2016 majority, Saccone can afford to lose some of Trump's base. No more MAGA. Now it's KAG.

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