Amazon's new Android web browser looks drab, probably is drab

Amazon's new Android web browser looks drab, probably is drab

Amazon's new Android web browser looks drab, probably is drab

Amazon is likely to target something similar, because I doubt anybody at the company thought they could make a better-performing browser than the likes of Chrome and Firefox (which have been built upon decades of experience). The app is only available in India for the moment, seemingly on select handsets, and has been downloaded "100+" times since its release last month. The web browser weighs in at 2.4MB and can run on devices running on Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher, clearly indicating that Amazon is targeting users in developing markets.

This isn't Amazon's first "lite" product launch in India. As per the report, the Internet app by Amazon is now only available in India.

Talking about other apps from Amazon, the company recently launched the Kindle Lite app in India that offers an e-book reading experience to users and comes with less than 2MB in size.

Amazon could use the app as a means to promote its services in future.

The app is available for download via Google Play and is compatible with devices running Android 5.0 Marshmallow and above. Amazon also puts its web browser as "lighter than the competition" and accordingly promises more storage for users to download videos and music. It is said that this app will not ask for additional permissions and will not collect private data as the other browsers in the market. Amazon assures that the browsing on the private tabs will not be tracked or collected as the data isn't recorded on the device. The app also features tab previews, an automatic full-screen mode and an integrated news reader as well. The app has been specifically created to use less space on the device and comes with less than 2MB in size.

Internet is among many recent apps that have been made keeping slow internet connections and basic smartphones in mind. Facebook also offers Lite versions of its apps, like Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite, to reach users with limited connectivity and access to data. Google has also rolled out a suite of lightweight mobile apps under the "Go" branding.

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