Asteroid buzzed Earth this weekend

Эксперт дал прогноз нового сценария апокалипсиса на Земле

“Surprise” Asteroid Makes Close Flyby to Earth

The people of Earth were not even get notified about warehouse sized Astroid that passed the Earth in the range of half the distance of the Moon on Sunday.

A medium-sized asteroid buzzed by Earth just hours after being detected this weekend. This asteroid is known as 2018 GE3 which was just 119,500 miles away from the Earth's atmosphere.

NASA estimated that the asteroid measures 48 to 110 meters wide - 3.6 times the size of the one that levelled 2,000 square kilometers of Siberian forest when it exploded over Tunguska in 1908. Anyway, it is a close call but it had made any minor contact with the Earth's surface than it will be more painful to read this story that explains the deaths and destructions. Not this time, but a Chelyabinsk-type event can clearly repeat.

The April asteroid, however, traveling at a speed of about 66,000 miles per hour, would have likely broken down "due to friction with the air" as soon as it entered Earth's atmosphere, EarthSky reported. However, an asteroid this size is capable of causing some regional damage, depending on various factors such as composition, speed, entry angle, and location of impact.

Five years ago, the 10,000-ton, 56-foot Chelyabinsk meteor exploded over Russian Federation with the force of 30 atomic bombs.

2018 GE3 was first discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey which is approaching Earth on April 14. Hardly astroids try to make a surprise visit to earth sometime. Little did people, including scientists at NASA know that a massive asteroid, the size of a football field, came really close to Earth. According to NASA, hours later, at about 5:59 a.m. EDT on April 15, the space rock passed even closer to the moon than it had to Earth. Those are considered to be more similar to the explosion of Atomic Bomb.

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