Companies Offering Tax Day Deals To Take The Filing Sting Away

Tax Day Specials in South Florida

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After it was repealed a decade later, Congress tried again in 1894, enacting a flat rate federal income tax.

Virginia state taxes are not due until May 1. The IRS requires 90 percent of the tax liability for the year or, if that is unknown, then 100 percent of last year's liability.

The IRS will never initiate contact with taxpayers via email about a bill or tax refund.

Who pays taxes, and when? .

The IRS urges taxpayers to review their tax return carefully and ask questions if something is not clear before they sign and file it with the IRS.

As more and more residents file digitally, metro-Atlanta post offices will observe normal business hours for the April 17 tax-filing deadline. Those who file extensions face a deadline of October 15, 2018.

Tax Day is April 17 this year because the traditional April 15 date fell on a Sunday. You can do that via Direct Pay, the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System or a credit or debit card. Taxpayers can often reduce the amount of tax they owe by using various tax credits, deductions and exclusions (or loopholes).

According to H&R block, 61 percent of millennial's file their taxes on their own.

If you have not yet filed taxes, or are considering avoiding your taxes altogether, remember that it is always best to file.

Because the United States has a marginal tax rate system, not all of an individual's income may be taxed at the same rate. If their income goes down they may end up paying too much and the instalments need to be adjusted.

Quiznos. To celebrate Tax Day, Quiznos To celebrate Tax Day, Quiznos is offering a 10.40 percent deduction off any purchase including catering, on April 17 to new or existing Toasty Points loyalty app members at all participating US locations.

Lisa Greene-Lewis, CPA at TurboTax, said the most important tip for entering information is to take your time.

As of April 6, the Internal Revenue Service has received more than 103 million tax returns, out of 155 million the agency expects to get.

"You don't want to make an interest free loan to the government and you also don't want to under withhold to the point where they say you're really bad at withholding, give you a slap on the wrist and now you're forced at estimated payments the following year".

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