Constand to confront Cosby after parade of women take aim

Janice Dickinson tells jurors Bill Cosby drugged and attacked her

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Editor's note: This post contains some graphic language.

Former supermodel Janice Dickinson testified on Thursday that Bill Cosby drugged and raped her at a Lake Tahoe home in 1982, a story similar to those of other alleged victims called as witnesses in the comedian's sexual assault retrial.

On Thursday, laughter rippled through the usually whisper-quiet courtroom hosting Bill Cosby's retrial. In the photo, he is talking on a phone in a hotel room.

She responded by telling the jurors that she wanted to highlight the details of that night, but ultimately chose to just write a sanitized version that did not include sex, let alone rape, because her publishers told her that the legal department would never print allegations made against Cosby.

When he held up her book and revealed the account in there was very different to what she is saying in court, Dickinson admitted that the contents of the book was a fabrication: "It's all a fabrication there because I wanted the paycheck for my kids, ' she said, after telling the court that she'd given her ghostwriter "poetic licence". "After I talked, it didn't sound words came outside".

Cosby has said he gave Constand the cold medicine Benadryl and she consented to a sexual encounter.

"These women proved that they were here to back up their sister - they got their sister's back", Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt said outside court.

She said she wrote about the assault in her 2002 autobiography, but Cosby and his lawyers pressured her and the publisher to remove details. I couldn't move, I was motionless ... wondering what the heck is he doing ...

For this trial, prosecutors had the strategic advantage of putting Constand on the witness stand after a parade of other accusers who told jurors that Cosby had used the same tactics on them: preying on women who saw him as a mentor, debilitating them with pills or alcohol and then violating them when they were unable to fight back. Dickinson, by far the most prominent of the parade of women, is not directly tied to the criminal charges.

The now frail and isolated 80-year-old could spend the rest of his life behind bars if convicted of aggravated indecent assault against Andrea Constand when she was a Temple University employee in January 2004.

Cosby is charged with sexually assaulting a woman at his home in 2004. For the retrial, the judge permitted five, although the change was never fully explained. Glossing over the heart of her testimony, however, could present a problem for the prosecution in the second trial for Cosby. "I wanted the paycheque from the book". "Maybe you'll be too blinded by accusations".

Cosby has said the sex with Constand was consensual. I remember, here was America's dad on top of me, and a happily married man of five children, and I just remember thinking how wrong it was. "How very wrong it was". Many remember waking up the following morning unsure as to how they arrived at the state in which they found themselves: With clothes in disarray or removed, feeling sore, or sticky-or both. I remember having pajamas half way on with no bottoms on'. She said she told him she didn't drink but he said that it would relax her. "I was in shock". Cosby then got on top her, she testified.

His bewildered look infused her with rage, she told the jury. She said that at that time she wanted to hit Cosby and punch him in the face. "I felt disgust, humiliated, ashamed..." "You're supposed to help me be successful". "I had clients who would not appreciate the fact that I had been raped".

Cosby's attorneys are expected to cross-examine Constand, including about the almost $3.4 million settlement she received.

Dickinson said she did not report the assault to police out of fear it would destroy her career.

"I want an apology for each and every one of us in order for my soul to heal", Dickinson told ET.

"I trusted him", Constand said.

Mesereau had series of questions over Dickinson's civil litigation aimed at Cosby, including a pending defamation lawsuit.

Constand says the pills instead made her black out. The first accuser to testify, Heidi Thomas, said she met Cosby the same way. He's a powerful guy.

Throughout cross examination, Cosby lawyer Tom Mesereau recommended that Baker-Kinney was motivated to distort the info of a enjoyable night when she heard a couple of doable $100 million windfall from Cosby. "It was gross", she testified.

Dickinson denied spreading rumors, saying she'd merely informed Stallone that she was pregnant and he might be the father. "There is no way I could appear drunk and appear on the cover of Vogue all over the world". But he didn't respond, she said. "I remember the taste of his kiss".

Andrea Constand took the stand at his sexual assault retrial Friday.

The defense team calls Constand a "con artist" who framed Cosby for money.

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