Federal Bureau of Investigation probing Cohen's "personal business dealings"

President Trump's personal lawyer in Manhattan on Wednesday. Credit Seth Wenig  Associated Press

President Trump's personal lawyer in Manhattan on Wednesday. Credit Seth Wenig Associated Press

A hearing has been scheduled before U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood to address President Donald Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen's request for a temporary restraining order related to the judicial warrant that authorized a search of his Manhattan office, apartment and hotel room this week. The lawyers said they should be allowed to identify which of the documents are protected by attorney-client privilege before prosecutors get to look at them.

The raid on Cohen, Trump's longtime personal attorney and fixer, has rattled the president; any investigation into Cohen pulls the FBI directly into Trump's inner circle.

Cohen is seeking a temporary restraining order regarding searches of Cohen's home and office by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents on Monday, a Justice Department spokesman said earlier on Friday.

But according to sources connected to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Cohen may have traveled to Prague indirectly through Germany in August or September of 2016, McClatchy reported Friday. "And anyone who has ever hired a lawyer a close third".

Of Trump, McKay said: "His attorney-client privilege is no greater than any other person who seeks legal advice".

Michael Cohen, President Trump's embattled personal attorney, denied a report that the Federal Bureau of Investigation raid on his Manhattan office and residence yielded evidence that could confirm a key point of the controversial dossier about alleged Trump ties to Russian Federation. According to the Times, Trump called Cohen on Friday to "check in", which is probably not wise for a president to do when it involves an associate under federal investigation - especially if that president's associate has a habit of recording conversations. "The retention of such privileged information from the President presents not only routine attorney-client privilege and attorney work product issues, but also creates constitutional concerns regarding officers of the Executive Branch rummaging through the private and privileged papers of the President". Both women say they had affairs with Trump. Or, they said, the court could appoint a special master for that goal.

Clifford's lawyer, Michael Avenatti, spoke briefly in court.

Those confidentiality rules can be set aside under certain circumstances if investigators have evidence that a crime has been committed. Cohen said he paid Daniels $130,000 in exchange for her silence about her claim to have had a one-night-stand with Trump.

The White House has consistently said Trump denies either affair.

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