Five athletes reported missing at Commonwealth Games

Five athletes reported missing at Commonwealth Games

Five athletes reported missing at Commonwealth Games

"These athletes. were part of a team that had a training camp in Warwick before getting to (the) Gold Coast", he said in a statement.

Seven Cameroonian athletes have fled from their accommodation at the Commonwealth Games in Australia, team officials said on Wednesday.

There is a track record for athletes and officials disappearing in Australia during worldwide sporting competitions, with 25 delegates going missing at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne and 80 athletes and officials outstaying their visas at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

"All of our athletes have worked extremely hard to represent our country in their chosen sport at this year's Commonwealth Games and we are very proud of them", Ms Kaye says.

Migration agents on the Gold Coast, where the games are taking place, have reported receiving phone calls from athletes to inquire about how they can stay in Australia once the games concluded.

'Border security is aware of it - these people are still within their visa - but at the end of the day I would encourage them to return to the village'.

"But these athletes are guests here in Australia, they are still within their visas and they have the right to travel freely", Mr Grevemberg said.

A Cameroon team spokesman said 14 athletes who had finished their events had already flown home, but there were others still waiting to compete in wrestling and boxing.

"Although they have valid visas until mid-May. we are concerned because they haven't turned up for events when they are the reason they are here, " he told Macquarie Media radio on Thursday.

Officials said they are monitoring reports of the absences from the federations.

'Right now we are anxious about the safety and welfare of the athletes and we are taking this very seriously and monitoring the situation with team Cameroon'. "Once they found the needles in their bags, they kept them in a cup in their room as it was not permitted to throw them away", he added.

"This happens at every games, it's no surprise. if there is a breach (of visa) Peter Dutton and his team will deal with it", Beattie said.

The matter was not defined as an anti-doping rule violation, but the entire India delegation was warned by the CGF there would be repercussions if they breached the rules again.

"They'd have a sporting visa of fairly short validity and they would need to apply for a protection visa before the expiry of that visa", he said.

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