Florida woman accused of giving her child meth, pot

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Florida woman accused of giving her child meth, pot

Detectives with the Wakulla County Sheriff's office were looking into allegations that the mother involved the two-year-old in pot and meth use at her home. She admitted to smoking marijuana as recently as the night before, but away from the child.

When detectives executed a search warrant at Ecker's address, they say they found multiple items in her bedroom consistent with marijuana and meth use, including a plastic bag containing marijuana residue located in a basket containing children's toys.

Authorities took a blood and hair sample from both Ecker and the 2-year-old the date of the arrest and on March 15, investigators received the toxicology results.

At the moment, the authorities have refused to disclose any details pertaining to Ecker's motive or what will happen to her child.

When faced with the charges, the woman confessed to coaxing her child into smoking meth and sometimes marijuana.

The investigation began months ago in January after multiple witnesses told police they saw Ecker smoke marijuana with her child. The two glass pipes tested positive for methamphetamine, according to the cops.

The report found that the toddler tested positive for "chronic" use of both methamphetamine and amphetamine.

Investigators arrested Autumn Sienna Heinz, 30, Tuesday on suspicion of endangering the welfare of a child, drug possession and criminal mischief, reported The Missoulian. The findings were reportedly "chronic" rather than "acute", meaning the child was exposed "several times or on one or more occasions".

The employee reportedly said she saw Autumn Heinz, 30, hiding behind a cabinet in the laundry room with what appeared to be a meth pipe nearby. However, she denied knowing if the child had been exposed to drugs.

Reports stated when Limpert realized her daughter was experiencing the side effects of THC after consuming the meal along with her father, for whom it was originally prepared, Limpert just laughed, the Tempe Police Department alleged.

As soon as the incident came to light, Limpert was arrested and booked on one count of child abuse, cultivation of marijuana and its possession, among other charges.

It's unclear if Ecker has a lawyer who can speak on her behalf at this time.

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