Gaza ministry says gunfire at protest wounds 122

Gaza ministry says gunfire at protest wounds 122

Gaza ministry says gunfire at protest wounds 122

The number of protesters was smaller than the previous two weeks, with the demonstrators spread out across five different locations along the fence that separates Israel and Gaza.

A Palestinian wounded by Zionist gunfire during clashes in the Gaza Strip on Friday has died, the local health ministry said.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza is reporting that 701 people have been injured during the Return March protests. Last Friday, at least six Palestinian journalists were reportedly among those shot at the Great Return March. "As additional protests are planned for the coming days, the Israel Defense Forces should exercise restraint and respect the rights of Palestinians to peacefully protest". The theme of the day for the protests was "Flag Friday" - burning the Israeli flag and raising giant Palestinian flags. Israel alleges Hamas is using protests as a cover for attacks.

Israel army spokesman in Arabic Maj Avichai Adraee called on Gazans to refrain from co-operating with Hamas.

On Friday, most of the demonstrators assembled at five tent camps located several hundred meters (yards) from the border fence. Some in the crowd threw firebombs and an explosive device and tried cross into Israel, according to the Israeli military.

Rights groups accuse Israel of wanton use of live fire.

Across the fence on the Israeli side, sniper teams lay low on sandbanks overlooking the area.

The marches are organized by Gaza's Islamic militant Hamas, but turnout is also being driven by desperation among the territory's 2 million residents.

More than 10,000 Palestinians are participating in demonstrations along the Israel-Gaza border.

Several thousand people gathered Friday at a tent camp east of Gaza City.

"We want to live like everyone else in the world", he said.

"The Israeli authorities must put an immediate end to the excessive and lethal force being used to suppress Palestinian demonstrations in Gaza", Amnesty International said Friday. Over 20 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire over the past two Fridays, stirring condemnation from human rights groups and prompting an Israeli army investigation of the circumstances of the killings.

Rights groups say the Israeli military's open-fire regulations are unlawful because soldiers can use potentially lethal force against unarmed protesters.

Gaza has endured a border blockade by Israel and Egypt since Hamas overran the territory in 2007, a year after winning Palestinian parliament elections.

The Stream will examine how the Great Return March fits into a lineage of Palestinian protest and what the prospects are for a broad-based, non-affiliated movement over the long term.

The group has been criticized in Israel for publishing often anonymous testimony by current or former Israeli soldiers who have misgivings about their military service and treatment of Palestinians.

Dozens of Israeli flags were being burned in Jabalia in northern Gaza and hundreds of Palestinian ones were held aloft.

The Israeli establishment has continuously refused to recognize the worldwide law governing the right of return of refugees following an armed conflict.

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