Gmail will soon let you send emails with an expiry date

Google Gmail update 2018

GETTYGoogle look set to release a major Gmail update in the coming weeks

Google is set to overhaul the design of Gmail in next couple of weeks and now details of a few new features, including self destructing emails, have leaked online. By the time this feature is rolled out to all users, the exact mechanics of the feature may work differently than described-the utility of an un-downloadable attachment, as the above text implies, is somewhat limited.

This should allow users to place more trust in email, and send confidential information they might have previously avoided sending via Gmail.

Google will also introduce a new feature, dubbed Confidential Mode. If you receive an email in "confidential mode" while using the actual version of Gmail, you will not be able to open nor read the email from your inbox.

The more you use Smart Reply the smarter it gets, learning how you are likely to reply to an email, enabling you to replay with just a single click.

This news follows earlier reports of a complete redesign of the Gmail interface in development.

An expiry date - after which the email vanishes from the recipients' inbox - is also possible in the redesigned Gmail app. The recipient will have to log into their Google account to view it and you won't be able to copy and paste the message itself (although you can still apparently screen shot it).

"We need a bit more time to compose ourselves, so can't share anything yet-archive this for now, and we'll let you know when it's time to hit send".

Google is implementing smart replies for Gmail on the web, the same feature from mobile Gmail that provides suggestions to quickly reply to emails. While confidential mode emails will disappear when you want them to, there's not guarantee that they are secure. The report says that Gmail will also be getting the ability to self-destruct an email. It will give you the option to put a time limit onto an email that you send and after it expires, it will be rendered unreadable. The default layout highlights attachments while a "comfortable view" does away with the attachment highlight. This is because Google is now asking their users to confirm their Google account to view the confidential email.

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