IRS Warns Taxpayers of Tax Refund Scam

The IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program is providing help at the Louisville Urban League even past the filing deadline

IRS Warns Taxpayers of Tax Refund Scam

"Normally, the deadline would fall to the next business day, but the 16th of April is Emancipation Day in Washington D.C., and a amusing part of the law says that the IRS can't collect taxes on a holiday in Washington, D.C".

Double-check the typo errors: If you spell your name wrong, reverse any digits in your PAN or use an incorrect home address, the income tax department can not process return thus refund would be delayed.

What's important to know is neither the IRS nor any government agency will ever call you.

(Press Release) - The Department of Finance reminds the public that the filing date for income tax, corporate tax, Form 500's, and request for extensions are due by Monday, April 16, 2018.

With the tax deadline looming, the IRS says last minute filers should be on the lookout for a certain type of scammer. Also, as with any action that might impact business compliance obligations, I encourage you to talk with a business attorney to ensure you fully understand the legal responsibilities before making a change. "If there's a middle initial on your Social Security card, you need to put your middle initial on the tax return". "Let's say you don't pay by April 17th, well then you're still going to have to pay interest on that money later anyway".

We hear from residents or workers that they've gotten a notification from treasury years later.

Most domestic students rely on their parents for help in the tax process, Hutchens said.

The end result is a $25 billion tax bill.

But how safe is it to electronically file your taxes?

Even though it seems as though data breaches from Experian, Facebook, Whole Foods, Sonic, Panera, etc., etc. are announced every day; 17 major breaches in January, 2018 alone, the IRS and MI have gotten better at keeping thieves from filing fake tax returns using that information.

Only one of those locations is within city limits, while the others are in Santa Ana and San Bernadino.

"If you make less than $64,000 (for a household), you can go to and use Free File", Devine said.

"When you file electronically you will usually see your refund within three weeks". The failure-to-pay penalty is generally 0.5 percent per month of the unpaid taxes. This year the tax burden is about $3.4 trillion in federal taxes and $1.8 trillion in state and local taxes. "We believe selling pressures have been amplified by capital gains tax-related selling this year", Lee writes. If the return is filed on May 1, the penalty will be another $50.

Double-check the computation and claim of deductions: Tax returns include lots of deductions and computation. The IRS initiates most contacts through regular mail delivered by the United States Postal Service.

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