Kaiser Permanente to launch $2 million gun violence research effort

Moms Demand Action
Credits Daniela Gonzalez

Moms Demand Action Credits Daniela Gonzalez

Our current gun laws make it too easy for straw purchasing or for someone to simply claim their gun was lost or stolen when it ends up used in a crime.

Citizens of Queen Anne's County have two choices: turn our backs and hope it does not happen here or address the issue. Protests alone can not facilitate change without following through on voter turnout to replace legislators who consistently side with NRA dogma.

Attendees say they feel this meeting is the beginning stages of a movement that can better lives in our community. That was the school of our growing-up years. I offer enormous admiration to Mariah and Ryan Thomas who said it, paraphrasing, perhaps in the most heartfelt of manners: That no child should have to be subject to gun violence in school - that the experience of it should not be a part of any childhood.

Marsico also indicated he was open to further discussion of two other bills on their list - barring bump stocks and other equipment created to accelerate the firing rate of semi-automatic rifles into something like that of a machine gun; and the extension of background checks on gun buyers to private sales of rifles and other so-called "long guns". NY is one of seven states, plus the District of Columbia, that have bans on assault weapons.

Jena Cheikhali and Frank Velez, both of Belleville, asked about the failures of government agencies to stop shooters about whom red flags had been raised.

To the politicians' left was an empty straight-backed chair, labeled with a sign bearing Congresswoman Claudia Tenney's name.

In an effort to continue the national debate surrounding gun control, the University of Wisconsin Political Science Student Association hosted a panel Sunday evening to discuss the issue with students from a variety of political affiliations.

"Most of us are exhausted of seeing these mass shootings killing students and ordinary people, innocent people who have done nothing wrong and we just want to see an end to it", Chanamolu said. Among the things a Californian must do to obtain permission to legally concealed carry a gun is show "good cause" why the government should allow him to concealed carry.

"This program will give every registered voter in the district the chance to see a summation of every bill that is brought before Congress and to vote on every single issue", he said.

Mays wants safer schools and for there to be enough resources.

Hamilton was in elementary school when 15 students died in a shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado.

When Sam Zeif met with President Trump after the mass shooting at his high school in Parkland, Florida, he broke down in frustration and tears. "When one is given a gun, some become fearful of its power".

Congressman Collins wouldn't go to the forum, calling it a politicized anti-gun event put on by Democrats.

In response to a question asked about increased security in New Jersey's schools, Harris stated that she would not support the idea of having her children "educated in a fortress".

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