KIYC: Finding what information Facebook knows about you

KIYC: Finding what information Facebook knows about you

KIYC: Finding what information Facebook knows about you

For all of Zuckerberg's claims that Facebook users own their data, users - and non-users - have no way of determining the full trove of data that the company stores on an individual. To this point, you may have seen the DeleteFacebook hashtag pop up on any number of social media platforms in recent weeks, including, ironically enough, on Facebook itself. "Some of the questions asked of Mark Zuckerberg didn't suggest to me a level of understanding of the nuance of privacy by some of the senators".

"We did not properly communicate these policies to you", the email reads. "Facebook has that information and they can present that ad for that goal".

Next, Blair joins Facebook, uploading his phone's contacts too.

And it may surprise you that on Facebook's page when you go to "I don't have a Facebook account and would like to request all my personal data stored by Facebook" it takes you to a form that says "go to your Facebook page and then on your account settings you can download your data".

Perhaps that is why 53 percent of Creative Strategies' panelists use the social network to keep in touch with friends and family who don't live nearby. "It was built to accomplish a social mission - to make the world more open and connected", Mark Zuckerberg wrote in Facebook's S-1 filing. It's a goal that clearly also aligns with Facebook's financial incentives for growth and garnering advertising attention.

But the two sides agree that Facebook needs to focus on what commercial businesses do with user data, rather than academics. With the first hearing on Tuesday and the second on Wednesday, Zuckerberg confessed a variety of ways Facebook has misused user data.

"A lot of Americans are waking up to the fact that Facebook is becoming sort of a self-regulated superstructure for political discourse", he said. "Your data" notionally includes your posts, photos, videos, comments, content, and so on.

What's less clear is the state of your rights relating to data that is "about you", rather than supplied by you. Today's Facebook and Harvard's hard copy of yore both fed into one of our most risky human qualities: our tendency to create two dimensional, dehumanizing portraits of the other, whether that other is a woman or a minority or someone on the opposing side of the political isle.

Much like their USA counterparts, European Union officials are seething over Facebook's privacy mishaps. This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it.

"I think one of the problems here is this has been a giant experiment in corporate social responsibility and what it shows is that it has failed in this respect". Though a bill has not been drafted yet, the legislation would, among other things, give users recourse options if their data is breached, and the right to opt out of data tracking and collection.

The bill is being sponsored by Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and John Kennedy (R-LA).

Mark Zuckerberg was in the line of fire for over two days from almost 100 senators and emerged unscathed as he gave a commendable performance, clearly well coached, helped him outperform expectations which were admittedly low.

Senate Gary Peters asked Mr Zuckerberg the direct question of "Yes or no, does Facebook use audio obtained from mobile devices to enrich personal information about users?"

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