Larry Nassar Victim Claims MSU President Offered Her $250K to Stay Silent

Michigan State sophomore Brooke Rosin chants

Larry Nassar Victim Claims MSU President Offered Her $250K to Stay Silent

"Michigan State clearly looks at these women as the enemy, and if you have any doubt about that, I think we can all agree that President Engler just threatened a 4'8" little girl, saying, 'You better be careful, ' simply because she's using her voice", Manly told ThinkProgress on Friday.

Engler also told Lorincz that he had previously met with Rachael Denhollander, the first woman to publicly accuse Nassar, and that she "gave him a number" for what she would accept as a settlement for the lawsuits.

Thirty minutes later she found herself in a meeting with Engler, during which she claims he offered to pay her $250,000 to settle her suit. "I really hoped that if he met a survivor and saw the human face and didn't just look at it as a dollar sign, that he might curb his comments".

And just this week Engler has come under fire for his handling of a new lawsuit from a Michigan State University student who alleges she was raped by three members of the men's basketball team in 2015 - then discouraged by a campus counseling center from reporting the crime to police.

Both say Engler's attitude toward the whole situation has left them with the feeling of defeat.

Engler's spokeswoman, Emily Gerkin Guerrant, said she was in the room during the conversation and does not remember the interim president offering a dollar figure. Carol Viventi said "Well you're in civil litigation, aren't you?" "He has said some hurtful things and I wanted him to know that when he does that, he causes me to feel victimized all over again".

Then, President Engler started saying how sad it was that hundreds of good osteopathic doctors at MSU are being judged by doctor. My mom interrupted and said what about former Dean Strampel?

"There's new leadership in nearly all of these places, so I think the ability of Michigan State to respond is dramatically different and better than it was a year ago", he said. "Wasn't he just arrested?" she said. My jaw dropped, and I said "just a slap on the butt?" He implied that this was much different than Larry. And I had to continually tell him that I'm not here for the money.

'After that meeting it was clear to me that nothing would change and that President Engler viewed meeting me as an opportunity to gain information, continuing to deflect and defend, ' stated Kaylee on Friday.

While they waited, Lorincz said they were met by the Vice President University spokesperson, who spoke with them for about half an hour until they were brought into the meeting with Engler.

"How dare you spend a half a million dollars stalking my social media accounts and then deny my first amendment right to bring a sign into this public meeting", Morgan McCaul, a Nassar victim who's now a freshman at University of MI, said in response to reports that MSU paid a New York-based law firm to monitor social media activity related to the Nassar case. THIS is how it works. When you protect and promote a sexual predator, and foster a culture of lies and cover ups, you are responsible'. "No one other than Kaylee has met with him".

Friday's MSU Board of Trustees meeting could also end being crashed by some students. Instead, she says, the pair were ushered into a conference room in which Engler was joined by an MSU counsel, Carol Viventi, who was not introduced as a lawyer at the time. She said she made efforts to try to meet with him in the past months but was told he was not interested. "We'll be working for an equitable settlement to allow all the survivors to move forward in their process of healing".

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