Main accuser to testify in Cosby Trial Friday

Andrea Constand 44 will repeat her allegations Mr Cosby drugged and molested her after they met at his alma mater in early 2004

Main accuser to testify in Cosby Trial Friday

The jury has already heard from Heidi Thomas, Chelan Lasha and Janice Baker-Kinney.

Prosecutors in the Bill Cosby retrial have called a sexual assault expert to help them blunt any skepticism about his accuser's behavior after she says he drugged and molested her in 2004.

Constand says Cosby drugged and molested her. Cosby says she consented to their sexual encounter. All but Constand's case were too old to be prosecuted, and Cosby's first trial ended in a mistrial last June due to a deadlocked jury.

This trial is different in that five other women who accuse Cosby of sexually assaulting them have also testified.

Under cross-examination Friday, Andrea Constand struggled to explain why she sent emails soliciting money for the purported pyramid scheme during the time she worked at Temple University. "He's blind. He's 80 years old". When he prodded her to drink two shots to relax, she complied.

Earlier Tuesday, Mesereau told the jury that Constand was in deep financial trouble and set out to exploit her relationship with Cosby. She said it was the rule, not the exception, that victims knew perpetrators.

Earlier, during direct questioning, Dickinson testified that she made a decision to cut from her book the story of being sexually assaulted by Cosby after her publisher, Judith Regan, warned her it could ruin her career.

"What did she want from Bill Cosby?"

Prosecutors have been seeking to prove that the man once revered as "America's Dad" was one of Hollywood's biggest predators long before he met Andrea Constand, the chief accuser in his retrial.

Instead, Constand said, the pills instead made her black out.

She added she once sent a Facebook message to Constand. Here was 'America's Dad, ' on top of me. "And I remember thinking how wrong it was - how very, very wrong".

Dickinson testified she felt vaginal pain and, after waking up the next morning, noticed semen between her legs.

All of them testified they wound up unconscious from the pills or alcohol Cosby gave them, unable to say no or resist as he had his way with them. "I was weak, I was limp and I couldn't fight him off". "I wanted to punch him in the face", she said.

Even Dickinson, at times contentious with Cosby attorney Tom Mesereau today, consistently accounted for the contradiction between her night with Cosby as portrayed in her memoir versus how she explained it on the stand today. She told Cosby she was stressed.

Bill Cosby's defense lawyers are challenging model Janice Dickinson over her testimony that the comedian raped her in 1982.

"It's all a fabrication there", she noted. "I wanted a paycheck".

"I had no question about my ability to fend off a person hitting on me or making a sexual advance", Constand said.

Dickinson, the former model and TV personality who has called herself the "world's first supermodel", became one of the first women to go public with her allegations against Cosby when she told her story on "Entertainment Tonight" in 2014. It was the exact same testimony she gave in the first trial.

Dickinson had a Polaroid camera with her, she said, and snapped photos of Cosby in the room wearing a colorful robe and talking on the telephone. But he admonished Lasha, and said he would now personally instruct each witness that they could not address the defendant.

Baker-Kinney told the jury she was motivated by a desire to help other accusers, and that she's only relied on Allred as a media adviser and point of contact "to make sure I didn't get tripped up".

Bill Cosby holds onto spokesman Andrew Wyatt's arm, while publicist Ebonee Benson (R) follows in the courthouse for his sexual assault retrial on April 3, 2018 in Norristown, Pa.

Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt said Cosby's new defense team has researched Constand's testimony and statements from past year and found "even more inconsistencies". He also called the women the "supporting cast" for Constand.

In that respect, Constand was similar to other women who have accused Cosby of sexual assault over the years.

Cosby could face 10 years in prison if convicted.

Judge O'Neill allowed only one other accuser, Kelly Johnson, to testify in Cosby's first trial previous year, and her testimony was partially undermined by her imprecision about when her alleged encounter with Cosby happened.

After meeting her at a game at the Liacouras Center, she testified, Cosby had reached out to her at work to talk about facilities for the team.

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