Miscreants kick pregnant woman; infant dies in womb in Odisha

Rape sexual abuse

The girl was held captive for 10 days and raped several times. Getty Images

Her husband of 15 years, Giedrius, said she was a wonderful mother to their two children, who are nine and 12, and that they were a very happy family.

A pregnant woman of Dosia village under Pattamundai block in Kendrapara district suffered a miscarriage and gave birth to a stillborn fetus, allegedly caused by three miscreants who had kicked her during a loot bid. Inspector Wilfred Ferufino said that the motive for the murder is unknown. She initially lived with her family in the same locality in Delhi's Sultanpuri, where the suspect live with his family. Family members cared for her for the next six years. Doctors said she would remain in a permanent vegetative state. "It saddens me every time that something like this happens", he said. "The man later took her to his home and confined her in a room on the first floor". She said that afterward they were going to sit down and eat, and feed the children.

Due to the circumstances, Roberts was taken into custody for Abandoning or Endangering a Child. She was bleeding. We did not know what to do as a part of the baby was already out.

The child was only able to tell the officer that his mother drove a black and pink auto. She reportedly stated that she had been in a relationship with the complainant for quite some time. In fact, she said, Downs was jovial when she came home that last evening of her life.

However, they were met with stiff resistance from Manasi who was expecting.

Even before the victims of Kathua and Unnao rape cases could get justice another horrific incident was reported where a woman committed suicide after being continuously harassed by two men residing near her house.

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