New Zealand leads the way on closing gender gap in top jobs

Rizo Rizo along with her daughters Diana Acosta 10 center and Vivan Acosta 6 right attend the national Women's March in Fresno California

New Zealand leads the way on closing gender gap in top jobs

A CDC spokesman said: "We are pleased that our mean and median gender pay gaps are small in comparison to many other employers at 3.65 per cent and 3.4 per cent respectively. We urgently need public policies that improve women's access to decent-paying jobs, provide the supports women need to stay in the workforce and advance in their jobs, and ensure fair and nondiscriminatory treatment wherever women work and whatever jobs they hold", added National Partnership Vice President for Workplace Policies and Strategies Vicki Shabo. That means Oklahoma women lose a combined total of more than $10.2 billion every year to the gender wage gap.

Cllr Arthur said the council's gender pay gap was lower than the national average, but higher than surrounding boroughs.

As a result, many working women experience a break in the trajectory of their career progression, a barrier which is rarely faced by men who go on to occupy the vast majority of higher paid roles in management or leadership.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the gap between the median hourly earnings for men and women is at 18.4pc, up from 18.2pc in 2016. News anchor Catt Sadler, who publicized her story of leaving the company after being informed that her male counterpart was making "significantly more, more than double" her salary, she said. The Guardian reported on some of the worst offenders, including JP Morgan, tech giant Apple and Irish low-priced airline Ryanair. It would also require employers to justify such gaps.

Ryanair earned the unfortunate distinction of reporting the largest gender pay gap in the entire airline industry, at 72pc.

According to the AAUW, in an article from USA Today, at its current pace of change, women will have to wait 100 years to earn the same pay as men.

For instance, while women make up 45 percent of the academic workforce, less than a quarter of all professors are women.

Montreal-based engineering firms WSP Global and SNC-Lavalin reported large gaps in wages and bonuses. "In recent years, the number of female pilots applying to Ryanair has increased and we are committed to developing this welcome trend. It's time to close the gap for good".

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The map below shows the head office addresses of more than 10,000 United Kingdom firms who filed reports.

Cerner posted a median gap of 6.2% and a mean of 9.8%, which are both below the national average. Of the 172 organisations included in the analysis, 96pc pay men more than women.

There may still be a lot of work to do to in achieving equal pay for women, however Riggins suggests ways in which everyone can help the cause through self-reflection.

In Hawaii, women earn about 80 cents to every dollar a man earns.

"There is evidence that universities remain discriminatory in their practices", he told Nature.

So why do women earn less than men?

The report cites several complex factors that contribute to this trend. "That's a key reason behind the discrepancy". "The wage gap can not be explained by women's choices". Even before starting an application, women are hesitant to take risks and therefore miss opportunities, falling before the first hurdle.

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