President Trump Responds To FBI Raid Of His Lawyer's Office

FBI agents raided the New York offices of President Trump's longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen

FBI agents raided the New York offices of President Trump's longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen

A USA prosecutor on Friday attacked a claim by President Donald Trump's longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen that numerous materials seized this week in FBI raids on Cohen's office and home as part of a criminal investigation should remain private.

Such an order would be sought to stop the government from using seized materials, according to a person familiar with the investigation.

The Access Hollywood tape became public a month before the election.

It is unknown if Cohen recorded conversations between himself and Trump, the newspaper said. Even though the investigation into Cohen is not being overseen by Mueller, sources tell CBS News the president is angry about the raids and less inclined to agree to an interview at this time. NY is a one-party consent state, meaning Cohen could legally record any phone conversation without the other person's knowledge.

Trump has openly considered replacing Mueller with Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general leading the Russian Federation investigation, because the team is closer to figuring out his role in the investigation. Trump could fire Mueller at any moment, a possibility that the current administration has certainly considered. Passing off the information shows Mueller's discipline and his focus on the probe, rather than the Trump-Daniels litigation. But the raid was prompted, at least in part, by evidence or allegations uncovered by Mueller's team.

Under Justice Department regulations, Mueller must consult with Rosenstein when his investigators uncover new evidence that may fall outside his original mandate. Rosenstein then determines whether to allow Mueller to proceed or to assign the matter elsewhere.

U.S. President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen exits a hotel in New York City, U.S., April 13, 2018.

Daniels argues that the payment was hush money that prevented her from discussing her affair with Trump in greater detail.

Cohen has acknowledged that he paid Daniels $130,000 in exchange for her promise not to talk publicly about an affair she said she had with Trump.

Cohen has said he paid $130,000 to Daniels.

Several former officials at the Federal Election Commission have said that payments made to women in order to effectively buy their silence about Trump could have violated campaign finance laws because it may amount to an unreported campaign donation.

McKay said Trump's ability to invoke the privilege is "no different" from anyone else's. Trump has said he didn't know about the payment.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders equated the effect of the investigation and Russia's support for Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.

"I'm not anxious", Cohen said. Do I need this in my life? No. "The Michael Cohen situation involved both".

Some of his companies that owned medallions were given names such as NY Funky Taxi Corp, Mad Dog Cab Corp and Sir Michael Hacking Corp. Among the recordings were discussions about the campaign and interactions with the media, the source said. He's pleaded not guilty. Freidman was charged a year ago by state prosecutors with pocketing $5 million in state transportation taxes.

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