Ramaphosa praises Madikizela-Mandela for bringing people together

A screengrab from a Huff Post South Africa interview with Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

Ramaphosa praises Madikizela-Mandela for bringing people together

Unlike many of those who imagine a contested legacy between my father and my mother, we do not have the luxury of such a choice.

The daughter of two celebrated struggle icons told the crowd that she was angry with the former police commissioner‚ George Fivaz‚ for "only coming out with the truth after my mother's death". This is a painful moment for us but we don't want to be denied the opportunity to respect a great African woman he adds.

"In apartheid South Africa, the combination of patriarchy and racism together meant that black women confronted enormous obstacles from the cradle to the grave - making her own achievements all the more exceptional", he said at a memorial in NY on Friday, not mentioning Nelson Mandela at all. "We didn't do the identical for her", he mentioned.

"It is hard to accept that she is no longer with us", cried her daughter Zenani Dlamini, "because she was always so strong". She appealed and was discovered responsible of being an adjunct within the assault, and the sentence was decreased to a effective and suspended jail time period.

ON WINNIE BEING VILIFIED: "And to those who've vilified my mother through books, on social media and speeches, don't for a minute think we've forgotten".

"Sell-outs, we see you", roared Malema. Praising her now that she's gone shows what hypocrites you are.

She saw for herself the deliberate intent of the apartheid rulers to impoverish the people of this country. I encourage women of South Africa to be active and help communities in whatever way we can. "She was one of us". And this kind of double standard acts also to obscure the enormous contribution of women to the fight for the emancipation of our country from the evil of Apartheid.

"The battle for our freedom wasn't some polite picnic to which you came armed with your best behaviour".

But when Nelson Mandela died in 2013, it emerged he had left Winnie nothing in his will. But on Saturday, her family and comrades used her funeral to both celebrate her enormous contribution to the anti-apartheid struggle and hit out against those who campaigned against her. She was not prepared to choose between the two. Proud, defiant, articulate, she exposed the lie of apartheid.

Nelson Mandela's spouse useless, private assistant studies. She was one of the people. Her very appearance - regal, confident, and stylish - angered the Apartheid authorities and galvanized the people. Zenani said, "It was my mother who kept his (Nelson Mandela) memory alive".

Tens of thousands of mourners at Orlando Stadium rose to bid farewell to the Mother of the Nation. When we could not be with her, she wrote letters to us. "Just as Mam' (mother) Winnie has united us in sorrow, let us honor her memory by uniting in common goal", said Ramaphosa. "And it was those in power who, insecure and fearful, visited upon her the most vindictive and callous retribution".

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