Ring smart doorbells get big price cuts on Amazon Canada

Ring smart doorbells get big price cuts on Amazon Canada

Ring smart doorbells get big price cuts on Amazon Canada

You can use it to see what's going on outside your day and get alert when someone walks by the camera's motion sensor or rings the bell. The financial details of the deal were not released. "It was growing remarkably year-on-year by any metric, including in the number of customers but also by traditional financial metrics, from already sizeable numbers - so we feel like it was a great deal for both sides".

The Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell has been dropped in price by 30 percent, now down to $124.99 CAD from $179.00. "Together with Amazon, we will accelerate our mission dramatically by connecting more neighbours globally and making our security devices and systems more affordable and accessible". To mark the event, the companies have lowered the price of the Ring Video Doorbell to Dollars 99.99. You can order the Ring doorbell at the reduced price now, but the shipment is delayed to April 23 for the silver color.

Not super insightful, but about as much as one can expect from the head of a company recently purchased by Amazon.

Unlike competitors, Ring does not offer AI-assisted video profiling, sticking to a simpler video locker-like approach that simply stores the recorded video for a certain period for customers to manually review at a later date. While Siminoff says Ring will stay relatively independent, maintaining its Santa Monica office, becoming a piece of Amazon's smart home play likely means deeper and deeper integrations with the company's home hardware offerings. Sure, we can do anything, probably, over the course of time.

Ring's mission is to reduce crime in neighbourhoods by creating a Ring of Security around homes and communities with its suite of home security products.

Ring will also give Amazon a leg up on competition.

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