Suspect in shooting of police officer faces arraignment

Two thieves have been arrested for an alleged smash-and-grab incident at the intersection of van Dyk Road and Commissioner Street on April 8. Police spokesperson Sgt Cebisa Maseko cautioned drivers not to drive with valuables lying on their seats

Suspect in shooting of police officer faces arraignment

Latanowich has been held without bail after pleading not guilty to murder.

Pottstown Police said Thursday that Percy Allen, 47, of Norristown, has been charged following an incident that left an officer with minor injuries.

The discovery was made after officers patrolling around Prescot stop checked the vehicle at the retail park. The operator, later identified as Allen, exited his vehicle and allegedly refused the officer's order to return to the auto.

Speaking to News24, Nelson Mandela Bay metro police officer Luyolo Nojulumba says the first things that came to his mind was to ensure that the toddler did not fall. However, Rodriguez also faces charges of PWI of heroin, PWI of crack cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia after evidence was recovered during the search warrant.

Christopher Loeb, whose beating while in police custody in 2012 led to the downfall of former Suffolk police chief James Burke, has been arrested again, officials said.

Officials say Megan Ward, 32, and Kimberly Geisberger, 49, were also arrested in one of the apartments.

Allen refused medical treatment and the officer was transported to Pottstown Hospital for evaluation of minor injuries.

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