Syria's air defenses respond to missile attack over Homs

OPCW International inspectors denied access to alleged Syrian chemical attack site

Syria's air defenses respond to missile attack over Homs

Raw video: Department of Defense releases footage of Tomahawk missiles fired from the USS Higgins toward targets in Syria on April 14th.

Syrian state-run television says missiles targeted Shayrat air base in Homs province and another base northeast of the capital, Damascus.

"Syrian air defense shot down missiles that entered its airspace over Homs", said the report.

Medics and rescuers said the alleged chemical attack killed more than 40 people in Douma, weeks into a brutal regime air and ground assault to retake the wider region on the outskirts of Damascus from opposition forces.

There has been speculation that Israel launched the strikes.

A Pentagon spokesman said there was no USA military activity in that area at this time.

Moscow and Damascus claimed two Israeli fighter planes carried out that airstrike "remotely from Lebanese territory". Meanwhile, the Syrian state TV aired still image of what it said was the air defences intercepting the missiles.

Asked about the incident, an Israeli military spokesman said: "We don't comment on such reports".

With flags of Syria, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Cuba, the assembled, among them young people and women, denounced in a combatant march that the United States and its lackeys of United Kingdom and France bite the dust of the defeat when suffering the demolition of their missiles.

Israel has struck Syrian military targets before and was blamed for strikes earlier this month on the T4 air base in Homs.

Syrian government has strongly rejected the allegations as fabrication by the rebels and Western countries to justify a military attack on Syria.

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Russia claims Syria chemical attack a 'fabrication' by a foreign power