UN Security Council Meets About Syria As Inspectors Prepare To Head In

UN Security Council Meets About Syria As Inspectors Prepare To Head In

UN Security Council Meets About Syria As Inspectors Prepare To Head In

Russian Federation and the United States tangled on Tuesday at the UN Security Council over Syria as they blocked attempts by each other to set up worldwide investigations into chemical weapons attacks in the war-ravaged country. Russia vetoed a U.S. text, while two Russian-drafted resolutions failed to get a minimum nine votes to pass.

A Russian-drafted resolution won three votes at the Security Council, far below the nine votes required for adoption.

Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the UN, said it was a "frustrating day" for diplomats at the United Nations Headquarters in NY.

October 2011: Six months after the Syrian conflict began, Russian Federation and China blocked a proposed United Nations resolution condemning grave human rights violations in Syria and threatening measures against President Bashar al-Assad's government.

"The use of chemical weapons, once allowed to spread, is a threat to everybody and if that takes hold and becomes a routine part of fighting, then we are all at risk", said Security Council diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Retired Lt. Gen. Yevgeny Buzhinsky is the former chief of the Russian Defense Ministry's global department.

As tensions escalate over possible US -led military reprisals for the suspected attack, the U.N.'s most powerful body remained paralyzed, unable to overcome its deep divisions that have been a hallmark of its debates during the seven years of conflict in Syria.

The chief of the Russian military's General Staff made similar comments earlier.

He said Syrian forces, backed by Russian troops, were willing to offer protections to investigators to visit Douma.

Velayati was quoted by the country's state-run news agency IRNA. Diplomats said the United States had asked for discussions on their draft resolution after that meeting.

Meanwhile, President Trump is weighing a possible military response.

But there have been calls for the USA, the European Union and United Nations chief Antonio Guterres to protest and for ambassadors to stage a conference walk out during the upcoming four weeks of the Syrian presidency.

Erdogan said he would continue to hold discussions with Russia's president Vladimir Putin over the suspected chemical attack.

The UN Security Council has failed to adopt two competing resolutions that would have established a mechanism to investigate use of chemical weapons in Syria as well as another concerning a fact-finding mission in the war-torn country.

At least 60 people were killed and more than 1,000 injured in Saturday's suspected chemical weapons attack on the town of Douma, according to a Syrian relief group.

Trump ordered a strike on a Syrian airbase a year ago after Damascus was blamed for a chemical weapons attack which killed more than 80 people.

Moscow and Damascus have fiercely denied that chemical weapons were used in Syria.

He said the USA and its allies didn't need a resolution to determine responsibility because it was already blaming Syria and Russian Federation.

"You are not only placing yourselves above worldwide law, but you are trying to re-write global law", Nebenzia said after the vote. It is now operating off Lebanon alongside USA ships as part of France's military contingent fighting Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq.

'We urge the United Nations to understand that at a time when Syria is gassing its own men, women, and children to death, to see Syria heading the world body that is supposed to protect these victims will simply shock the conscience of humanity'.

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