What's next for Sea of Thieves

What's next for Sea of Thieves

What's next for Sea of Thieves

Rare says that the first content update for Sea of Thieves will be called The Hungering Deep, bringing a unsafe new AI threat to the seas that will force crews to work together. It sounds like Sea of Thieves fans will need to wait to find out what this new threat will be, but Rare says it will require that players, or teams of players will need to work together to uncover it.

Content updates will add major new features alongside new items & mechanics, with new goals and rewards.

The Xbox and PC exclusive, Rare-developed game, recently surpassed two million players - in part, because it's a part of Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass platform - and now the developer behind the title has revealed plans for five major content updates over the course of this year.

Beyond the flashy content updates, Rare will also kick off its weekly events program in May, giving players a chance to collect unique rewards on a weekly basis. After that, three more updates are planned for release by the end of 2018. There will be "a number of new mechanics" added to the game to help players take on the enemy, and unique rewards to collect for successfully warding it off. Neate also alluded to the introduction of new ways for crews to communicate with one another. That'll arrive in May, followed by weekly events with "new ways to play".

This summer will see the debut of Cursed Sails, which will include a new ship type, and Forsaken Shores, which will introduce players to a new perilous part of the world to explore. "As we've always said, launch is just the start for Sea of Thieves, and we are going to grow and evolve the game with feedback from our community".

With that, other tools will be added to the game that give crews more tools to communicate with other crews to make tracking down this threat more user-friendly.

Rare has said this before, but it also reiterated that it is offering this content for free because it does not want to separate its players into haves and havenots.

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