Azealia Banks clashes with Stefflon Don on Instagram after Cardi B feud

Cardi B

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Cardi, 25, has shocked her fans by deleting her Instagram account after their feud reached boiling point.

In the Friday interview, she called Cardi B a "caricature of a black woman" who "lowered the bar".

While appearing on The Breakfast Club radio show, the always-outspoken Azealia called the mom-to-be a "illiterate, untalented rat" and that she is a "caricature of a black woman".

"The difference between you and me is that I've never pretended to be something I am not!" It's worth noting, however, that the last thing Cardi needs is a physical run-in considering how far along she is in her pregnancy, which is something that the individuals in the video also apparently failed to consider.

"If my spelling and grammar was that bad, I would be canceled", Banks pointed out.

Perhaps Cardi wants to stay out of all the negativity from social media for the sake of her upcoming child. "I know who I am!" Instead, it's in response to Azealia Banks seriously dissing her in a recent interview.

While the soon-to-be mother has yet to reveal why she deleted her Instagram account and turned her Twitter account private, she revealed in her previous post, as reported by E!

Before erasing the account, Cardi responded to Azealia's jabs on her Instagram page by writing, "A woman who constantly finds joy in belittling black woman (Beyoncé, Rihanna, Skai Jackson, Remy Ma), can't try and stand for them because it's convenient!"

While acknowledging that she has repeatedly shared her opinions on other artists, Banks argued that the media continued to perpetuate a "narrative of Azealia Banks as music industry villain" due to their persistent framing of female musicians against each other. She wrote: "I'm from the hood. "Where if Kanye West comes out with a new song, it'll just be like 'listen to this song! listen to this song! listen to this song!", even amongst the bullshit".

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