Bethesda is teasing a new game, and it's probably Rage 2

Rage 2 Reveal Date Confirmed for May 14

Highlights Bethesda teased a Rage 2 reveal for May 14 The previous game was made by Id Software The series has a cult following

Bethesda is hyping its E3 press conference, which is all set to be its biggest ever. I'm starting to get excited. In a tweet, the company retweeted a playful criticism of the placeholder listing for Rage 2 on Walmart Canada by the official Rage Twitter account, including a pink anarchy symbol reminiscent of the original Rage logo.

If you can't view the tweet then the date that was shown in the image was "514" or May 14th. What's next from the Fallout team, the Doom team, the Wolfenstein team is something we want to know.

The publisher's E3 2018 showcase will debut on June 10 at 6:30PM PST.

First, the Bethesda Twitter account posted an image of London's Big Ben which in itself isn't too peculiar, but what stood out was the big pink smear across the clock face, the same pink which matches that used in the initial image poking fun at Walmart.

If it weren't for the Walmart leaks yesterday we'd have no idea what Bethesda is hinting about with the series of tweets below, but it seems very likely that it's a sequel or reboot for 2011's Rage.

A second teaser, meanwhile, featured an image of a rocket adorned with the same shade of paint and the number 514.

Wednesday's leak of multiple unannounced titles, which were presumably scheduled as surprise announcements at E3, was met with expected silence from many publishers and developers, but Bethesda leaned into the chaos.

Hopefully, things are shaping up pretty different, and the fact it is going to be longer than previous year apparently shows what the developer and publisher are trying and cooking for us.

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