Canada's public emergency alert system to test on BC mobile devices today

Canada's public emergency alert system to test on BC mobile devices today

Canada's public emergency alert system to test on BC mobile devices today

The system operator hopes to have learned from bugs that showed up in a test of the system in Quebec and Ontario on Monday.

Pelmorex - which operates the system - says all Alert Ready partners are working together to investigate the test alert results.

Alerts are scheduled to be sent out at 1:55 part of a program being rolled out across Canada with the help of provincial public safety ministries.

You'll hear it if BC's test of the new national wireless emergency alert system isn't affected by the glitches that caused problems out east earlier this week. "We're testing this technology for the first time today to give British Columbians the opportunity to see first-hand how the new system works, and make sure that their devices are compatible".

Alberta and Saskatchewan are among other provinces being tested today, at 1:55 pm.

Examples of the types of alerts that are issued through the Alert Ready system include natural disasters like tornados and earthquakes or a civil emergency like Amber Alerts.

The emergency alerts will be issued, alongside routine television and radio tests, to compatible wireless devices, such as smartphones. Alerts will be broadcast automatically, at no cost to the user.

The test will begin with an 8 second tone followed by a text or audio alert.

The system is created to send mass alerts in case of imminent public threats, like in the case of natural disasters. During an emergency, the line should only be used for those in life-threatening situations.

The reason behind the alert being sent only to some phones in Ontario is still undetermined.

There is now no word if the alerts in Newfoundland and Labrador were affected by different phone service providers or devices.

If the emergency alert is still active when the wireless device is powered up, and it is still in the alert area, the device will display the alert.

Nothing happened on phones in Quebec, though the alerts did work on TV, an issue the province blamed on a computer programming error.

Schuler reminded Manitobans to be careful when they receive today's test alert.

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