Cardi B Says Rita Ora Collab "Girls" Reflects Her Own Experiences

Cardi B visits Music Choice at Music Choice

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Her comments came after Rita issued an apology for the song, where she wrote that the intention behind the music was to explain her 'truth'.

Cardi B has received backlash from the LGBTQ community in the past from some offensive terms she used.

It hasn't been easy to do so in the mainstream music world, either, as she explained to Elle's Estelle Tang a year ago. I definitely said it because I can - and it was one of those things where, if I was 50/50... And I was like, "Well, yeah, it is, because that's my life!" Cardi responded acknowledging that she was also a product of her environment and she's learning. Literally, they go, "That's obscene".

This is the aspect of Rita Ora's "Girls" that Kiyoko points out in her tactful twitter post from last Friday.

"Girls", released May 11, has lyrics like, "Sometimes I just wanna kiss girls, girls, girls / Red wine, I just wanna kiss girls, girls, girls". "I feel I have a responsibility to protect that whenever possible". "Hate to be THAT guy but there were many awkward slurs, quotes, and moments that were like "word?"

When a fan tweeted to her that she had a similar experience with using the word "dyke", Cardi retweeted her and wrote, "Exactly me too". She jokingly tweeted about joining in on the Cardi is canceled party. The latter certainly implies the same idea of girl-on-girl hookups as a performance for male attention that was present in Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl". If Perry could she would not have written the song in the same way. I'm not hiding what I am, who I am, if I wanna do this, if I wanna do that. I have strived to be a contributor to the LGBTQ+ community throughout my entire career and always will be'.

And Rita Ora looked like she had put the backlash behind her as she headed out for lunch in Manchester on Tuesday ahead of her stage performance. "I personally myself had experiences with other woman, shiieeett with a lot of woman!" The song was released by Perry in 2008 and since then the pop star has said her lyrics were outdated with "a couple of stereotypes". "I am sorry how I expressed myself in my song has hurt anyone".

"We never try to cause harm or had bad intentions with the song", Cardi said.

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