Fox Chiefs Talk 'Last Man Standing,' 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' and 'Roseanne' Effect

Tim Allen

Tim Allen

GONERS: "New Girl", "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"(moving to NBC), "The Exorcist", "Last Man on Earth", "Life Sentence" and "Lucifer".

Fox will add just two new comedies, plus revive Tim Allen's "Last Man Standing", canceled a year ago by ABC.

Walden also explained why Fox made a decision to move forward with the Tim Allen show while canceling the beloved Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

It performed best in our Sunday night lineup.

"Obviously I think everyone took a good hard look at the performance of Roseanne", Walden said. "It did so well and it certainly did remind us that we have a huge iconic comedy star in our Fox family in Tim Allen". And then later on in the conversation: Why'd you rescue Last Man Standing?

Walden said the opportunity to revive "Last Man Standing" was a no-brainer. This year, the timing for "Last Man" was ideal as Fox sought broad meat-and-potatoes comedies to land on Friday to take advantage of the promotional platform offered by another newcomer to its schedule, "Thursday Night Football". "And we have been talking to Tim through the year". "We tried to move "Last Man Standing" over previous year when ABC decided not to move forward".

It nearly seemed that the incredible run of quite possibly the funniest show on television would end without a fight from anyone but the actors and the fans - at least until NBC stepped in and picked the show up. We always felt like ABC didn't really prioritize Last Man Standing.

Still, Walden stressed that the success of "Roseanne" wasn't the sole factor for giving Allen, 64, the green light. Walden noted Last Man Standing delivered about 8 million viewers every week on ABC with the network giving the show minimal promotion (for all its critical acclaim Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it must be noted, was averaging less than 3 million viewers). We always wondered how it would do if it was given a better opportunity and prioritized more in terms of a network's agenda.

"It's a really amusing show", Walden said of "Last Man". "Roseanne" certainly confirmed that". "Is there any other show in history that has not only retained its audience but has beaten most other comedies of its type that has been canceled as abruptly?" Fans believed the show's conservative viewpoints lead to the show's cancellation.

John Amodeo, NN6JA, has been a co-executive producer, producer, or supervising producer of the comedy and was instrumental in Allen's getting his ham radio license in 2014; more than 2 dozen members of the crew were also inspired by the show's Amateur Radio component to get licensed.

"I'm not sure I think that [ABC's] cancellation had anything to do with politics", he said. The network did not own the show but was licensing it from 20th Century Fox.

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