Google adds shared AR experiences to Android

Above Cloud Anchors are supported on both Android and iOS

Above Cloud Anchors are supported on both Android and iOS

Google has announced changes to ARCore as part of its annual I/O developer conference.

No, it isn't platform wars getting out of control, but rather a demonstration of a way to allow Apple's ARKit and Android's ARCore to access the same augmented reality world ...

Cloud Anchors allows developers for ARCore apps to connect multiple users together over the web to create multi-user AR experiences which share a synchronized space - pretty hard to do, but Cloud Anchors apparently does it. Crucially, Cloud Anchors supports both Android and iOS, so this is a cross platform feature. It feels like one of the first steps toward multiuser AR, cross-platform no less, and that's a very big thing indeed.

Finally, there's augmented images, which allows developers to upload up to 1,000 images that can be recognized by your phone and trigger AR experiences.

Crucially, Cloud Anchors are cross-compatible with iOS.

The other key highlight of ARCore 1.2 is "Cloud Anchors".

The update also includes Plane Detection for ARCore, which allows developers to attach objects more realistically to more surfaces, including textured walls.

Last but not least, Google is making it easier and faster to develop AR apps thanks to Sceneform integration (this lets Java devs build 3D apps without learning complicated APIs).

Cloud Anchors is available for developers to play with now. Then in March, having gone out of trailer at MWC 2018, " Google announced the roll out of numerous gaming, looking, home, and creativity programs depending on the tech giant ARCore 1.0 augmented reality SDK (Software Development Kit).

Google additionally introduced Cloud Anchors with ARCore 1.2, which allows multiple devices to share data and collaborate to create something in a standard space.

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