How Israel overcame politics in winning the Eurovision

Ты же корова! Переводчик Twitter обозвал победительницу Евровидения-2018

How Israel overcame politics in winning the Eurovision

Even the Prime Minister of Israel made a flap in celebrating the country's win in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest may be over, with Aussie entrant Jessica Mauboy placing 20th out of 26th in the final, but despite the disappointment it seems that Australia's appetite for Eurovision is only growing.

The team, who analysed data collected around the time of the Eurovision Song Contest (May and June) between 2009-2015, found that people reported being more satisfied with their life if their country had done well in the Eurovision Song Contest that year.

At the tail end of a day of deadly clashes in Gaza and the tense relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, Rabin Square filled with flag-draped fans and girls sporting Barzilai's trademark Mickey Mouse buns. "We are all hoarse, we celebrated all night and we didn't sleep".

The 25-year-old Barzilai, popularly known by her first name, has become a sensation in Israel thanks to her oozing confidence, charisma and spastic performances, which include a clucking sound like a chicken and barely decipherable words, as well as the use of a looping machine and synthesizer.

"I will be at the next pride [parade] in Tel Aviv", she added.

The song "Toy" by Netta Barzilai, 24, secured Israel's victory at the Eurovision contest this year at the Finals Saturday in Lisbon, Portugal. Thank you. I love my country. She wrote in a statement released early Sunday, "This morning I want to thank you, the wonderful Netta Barzilai".

Netanyahu opened the meeting by claiming that next year's singing contest will be held in Jerusalem. Instead of the typical greeting "good evening" followed by the jury's capital city, the Jerusalem-based Israeli jury received only "Shalom Israel". "Next time in Jerusalem!".

But Barzilai, with her Asian-themed show in red and yellow and her dancers doing funky chicken moves, was unrepentant.

Previously, she was seen mainly in clubs and private functions.

On Saturday night, she won out over a sultry, hip-shaking pop star from Cyprus who wore a glittering outfit that bared her navel and flat stomach.

"It's so fun that you chose something different". He told Barzilai she "charmed the whole world", that she was Israel's greatest ambassador and how he was cheering her on while watching the competition with his whole family.

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