IPhone X 'Tesla' Costs $4500 and Comes with a Self-Charging Solar Panel

Илон Маск первым получил российский самозаряжающийся iPhone X

IPhone X 'Tesla' Costs $4500 and Comes with a Self-Charging Solar Panel

But Caviar, a company in Russian Federation, has jumped ahead of both companies by announcing the sale of their new "iPhone X Tesla" that can be charged entirely with sunlight, according to a recent press release.

A 64 GB model costs the equivalent of $4,500 (284,000 ₽ excluding taxes and duties) while a 256GB model will set you back around $4,800 (299,000 ₽ ). Caviar said that the shock-resistant panel can charge the phone via sunlight or bright indoor lamps.

The phone slated for Musk will even be customized with an etching of "Made on Earth by Humans", a hat tip to a phrase written on the Tesla vehicle recently shot into outer space by Musk's company SpaceX, the release said. You do get IP67 water and dust resistance for that money, but it won't make toast in the morning.

iPhone X Tesla by Caviar is equipped with a solar battery that transforms the light energy and replenishes the phone battery power with its help. The company is reportedly going to give the first device to Elon Musk.

The model designed for Musk comes with the words "made on earth by humans" as homage to his Space X escapades. The company has not specified the specs of the solar panel system and how much more battery life one might gain.

Each device gets its own production room, and Caviar says edition iPhone X Tesla amounted to only 999 units. "It is easy to imagine this phone in the hands of the astronauts, pioneers, people who make great discoveries on the edge of human capabilities".

Spotted by AppleInsider, the new custom iPhone X from Caviar doesn't have any official connection with Tesla, but was rather inspired by the company.

Caviar boasts clients including actor Steven Seagal, oligarch Arkady Rotenberg and U.S. It sells iPhones branded with the faces of leaders, including Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump and even released one to commemorate the pair's 2017 G20 meeting. It's imported from Russian Federation with love, so you might end up paying additional taxes and duties, as well.

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