Iran foreign minister sets off on tour to save nuclear deal

Лавров рассказал о разочаровании Трампом

Iran foreign minister sets off on tour to save nuclear deal

China offered to hold strategic talks with Iran but did not disclose whether Beijing might scale back imports in light of renewed USA sanctions. After meeting him, Mogherini will host a consultation of German, French, and British foreign ministers on May 15 to discuss the Iran accord and the USA threat.

Previously coalsales that Iran hopes to keep nuclear agreement.

According to Zarif, the objective of his trip is to get guarantees from the other participants of the nuclear deal that the interests of Iran will be protected.

It reiterated that Iran was preparing to resume "industrial scale" uranium enrichment "without any restrictions" unless Europe provided solid guarantees it could maintain trade ties despite renewed USA sanctions. On May 13, Zarif visited China, and his next stop after his talks with Lavrov will be Brussels, where he will meet with EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini and top German, French and British diplomats.

After meeting his counterpart in Beijing, Mr Zarif said: "We hope that with this visit to China and other countries we will be able to construct a clear future design for the comprehensive agreement".

Earlier on Sunday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Tehran would remain committed to the deal "if the remaining five countries abide by the agreement". On Sunday, White House National Security Adviser John Bolton said sanctions on European firms were "possible".

He said he had been told by Trump "to work to strike a deal that achieves the outcomes that protect America".

That is part of a flurry of diplomatic activity following Trump's unilateral withdrawal from what he called "a disgusting, one-sided deal", a move accompanied by the threat of penalties against any foreign firms doing business in Iran.

"Iran's Military Budget is up more than 40 percent since the Obama negotiated Nuclear Deal was reached. just another indicator that it was all a big lie", he wrote.

The head of the influential Revolutionary Guards, Mohammad Ali Jafari, said: "I hope recent events will lead us to end our trust in the West and the Europeans".

US President Donald Trump said the deal was "horrible" because of expiry dates on its restrictions and because it did not cover Iran's ballistic missile programme or its regional influence. Khamenei said last week he was highly doubtful that Europe would provide the "real guarantees" needed for Iran to stay in the nuclear deal.

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