Iran nuclear deal: Envoy starts diplomatic tour after U.S. withdrawal

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Iran nuclear deal: Envoy starts diplomatic tour after U.S. withdrawal

Since Donald Trump withdrew the US from the nuclear deal last week, Iran has threatened if the other members of the agreement, especially Europeans, do not give "guarantees" to Tehran about the benefits of the agreement it will remove cap on its nuclear activities.

He will also meet with the foreign ministers of Germany, France and the United Kingdom in Brussels on Tuesday to discuss the future of the deal. Under the multinational deal, Iran agreed to curb its nuclear program for termination of economic and financial sanctions.

Even former President Obama, who typically doesn't weigh in on current events, issued a statement saying he believes the USA decision to pull out of the Iran agreement is "a serious mistake".

Tehran and Moscow say they will preserve the 2015 Iran nuclear deal despite Washington's decision to withdraw.

"The Europeans have between 45 and 60 days to give the necessary guarantees to safeguard Iranian interests and compensate the damages caused by the U.S. pullout", reported.

In his meeting with Lavrov, Zarif said that opposing global regulations and agreements have turned into a habit for the USA government.

Lavrov said that it is necessary to prevent any new threats to the nuclear non-proliferation regime.

"The U.K. and our European partners continue to view the nuclear deal as vital for our shared security, and remain fully committed to upholding it", British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said ahead of the talks.

"The focus of attention was on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) regarding the Iranian nuclear program following the United States' pullout from the agreement", the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

European diplomats acknowledged that the EU support, however honest, risked looking hollow after Trump last week reimposed an array of wide sanctions on the Islamic Republic that will hit European companies investing in Iran.

"China will take an objective, fair and responsible attitude, keep communication and cooperation with all parties concerned, and continue to work to maintain the deal", Wang said, adding the agreement was "hard-earned". European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini is also be present at the meeting.

The American leader warned that there may be punishments for the United Kingdom and other European nations when he announced his withdrawal from the "decaying and rotten" agreement last Monday.

Among them is the possible use of an EU "blocking regulation" which would, in essence, ban European companies from respecting American sanctions where those sanctions might damage EU interests, notably trade and the movement of capital.

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