Israeli strikes used 28 planes, fired 70 missiles: Russian Federation

Israeli strikes used 28 planes, fired 70 missiles: Russian Federation

Israeli strikes used 28 planes, fired 70 missiles: Russian Federation

He also reminded that Syria hasn't conducted airstrikes on Israel since the Arab-Israeli war of 1973, but that Israel attacks the Arab country regularly, as it doesn't want to have a neighbor with a strong army.

"Israeli reckless action in this instance only helped [ISIS] and other terrorist groups in Syria".

Israel and Iran have long fought each other through proxies, and with the new exchange each seemed to be sending a warning that a direct clash between them could swiftly escalate.

Most disturbingly, the Quds Force had begun initiating the next stage of Iran's takeover of Syria.

"Contrary to their made-up claim", Khoshroo said, the drone "was neither armed nor had intention for engagement or mission for possible attack anywhere".

Russian media on Friday were actively circulating a video released by the Israeli military which showed an Israeli missile destroying one such system - a Russian-made Pantsir S-1 air defense battery - on Thursday in Syria.

In the wake of Donald Trump's withdrawal of the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal, the Iranians want to show the rest of the world, and particularly the Europeans, that they are the reliable and pacific upholders of the 2015 treaty.

But analysts said Iran was determined to maintain the moral high ground in the coming weeks.

"Six Syrian soldiers and 21 foreign fighters, including 11 Iranians" were among the dead, said Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman.

"Decisions on the Iranian side took longer than expected, global banks were reluctant to work with Iran and the recent decline in the value of (Iran's currency) made worldwide business even more hard", she said. Russian Federation has consistently demonstrated its willingness to tolerate attacks by Israel against shipments of weapons and weapons depots that are either supporting the Iranians or Hezbollah.

Zarif's statement said that with the USA withdrawal from the deal, Iran is prepared to embark on the 2025 enrichment project now.

"We are working with Iran to encourage it not to make any ill-considered steps and not to exit", Ushakov said.

Israel carried out the raids after it said 20 rockets were fired from Syria at its forces in the Golan Heights at around midnight. A senior pro-regime military source in Syria confirmed the salvo of rockets, insisting Israel had fired first.

If the Jewish state's military actually meant that the sneaky Persians are secretly controlling people's lives, it would only be right to ask how they managed to come up with such an airtight world view.

Iran has advisers and experts, and has backed tens of thousands of militiamen who are fighting alongside Assad's forces in the Syrian civil war.

Meanwhile, European diplomats in Tehran fumed that Trump's decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal could undermine years of patient work to restore commercial and diplomatic ties with the Islamic Republic.

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