Israel's rocket sirens switched on in northern Golan Heights: Israeli military

Golan 1000 Syrian home made MLRS 500mm multiple rocket launcher system 925 001

IDF Confirms Iron Dome was Launched But Says Red Alerts Were False Alarm

However, the military stressed that the rocket sirens were a false alarm and that the reports about an Iron Dome interception are incorrect.

Though the Iron Dome anti-missile system was activated, earlier reports about an unidentified object infiltrating Israeli airspace were false, the IDF stated. However, the interception system has not been exported to other countries.

Rocket warning sirens went off on Thursday on the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, but the Israeli military quickly said it was a false alarm. On May 10, Israel said Iranian forces in Syria fired rockets at it, but they were intercepted by its Iron Dome defense system.

The Israeli regime waged a full-scale war against Arab territories in 1967, occupying the West Bank, Lebanon's Shebaa Farms, and the mountainous Syrian region of Golan Heights. Iran claimed that Israeli targets were launched more than 50 rockets.

On the contrary, Iran has been offering advisory military assistance to the Syrian government fighting all-out foreign-sponsored militancy.

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