Judge Roy Moore Files Lawsuit Against Female Accusers

Roy Moore

Roy Moore to hold press conference on campaign allegations 0 By Elizabeth Lauten

Those accusations were made within a few days of each other and made only to ruin and destroy the good name, character, and reputation of Judge Moore.

Corfman's attorney said Monday that she stands by her account.

The suit is asking for compensatory damages from all defendants listed along with interest from the date of the injuries and the court costs.

The plaintiffs are asking for both compensatory and punitive damages "in an amount that will adequately reflect the enormity of the defendants' wrongful, outrageous acts" and an amount high enough to deter future accusations.

Isaak said the defendants have ties to each other and the Democratic Party.

Moore on Monday said he did not commit sexual misconduct.

"Although the liberal media, eager to bury Judge Moore's candidacy, have repeated over and over the mantra of 'nine accusers, ' in fact only three women alleged improper conduct".

Corman's revelation was first reported by The Washington Post in which she accused Moore of sexual misconduct when she was 14 back in 1977. Nelson accused Moore on national television of attacking her when she was 16 in 1977 and throwing her out of a vehicle when she resisted, the complaint reads. The incident allegedly took place when she visited Moore's office regarding a custody petition for her son.

Corfman sued Moore in January. Moore announced a countersuit against Corfman on April 10, claiming she slandered him and defamed him with her allegations.

These latest claims by the Moore camp have no more merit than those he has made before.

Corfman has an ongoing defamation lawsuit against Moore and his campaign, saying they defamed her when they denied the allegations.

The suit also accuses another man, Richard Hagedorn, of being motivated by a ruling Moore made against him years ago to convey false information to the Washington Post.

At the time, Moore's campaign called the allegations a witch hunt.

The suit also alleges the defendants "conspired and associated with each other in a common design and goal for the political objective of defaming the character and reputation of Roy and Kayla Moore in such manner as to cause them to experience disgrace, shame and contempt". Moore and his wife's reputation and finances were also damaged, according to the complaint.

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