Kevin Can Wait Cancelled by CBS

Kevin Can Wait Cancelled by CBS

Kevin Can Wait Cancelled by CBS

Possibly hurting the show was the fact that it was a co-production between Sony and CBS, so negotiations for another season might've taken a turn over a complicated financial arrangement. He uploaded a photo showing a leather jacket from the series.

"Well folks that sadly is a series wrap on Kevin Can Wait", he wrote in an Instagram caption.

"Kevin Can Wait" executive producer Andy Fickman in the beginning revealed the series was propounded, TVLine claimed.

"I want to say thank you to the awesome cast, crew, producers, and the writers of @kevincanwaitcbs".

Kevin Can Wait still has been doing a decent job opening the night and ranks as CBS' top Monday program this season though its numbers have been declining, so they are now on par with Man with a Plan.

The show debuted in 2016 to high ratings and was one of the most watched new shows of last season, but ratings declined amidst a creative change up. So if you didn't get cancelled by CBS today, congratulations.

Kevin Can Wait was James' second CBS sitcom-the comedian previously headlined nine seasons of The King of Queens-but the show was riddled with production and casting switch-ups that likely contributed to its demise.

Vanessa has left the force to launch her own private security firm, and she makes Kevin an offer he can't refuse - to be her new business partner.

The move had been acknowledged as a mistake. This led the ratings to plummet. "It came at a time when I needed to laugh". The plot of the show didn't have enough drive. "We were literally just running out of ideas'".

You can see Kevin James and Leah Remini in a scene from Kevin Can Wait below.

Remini's role in season 2 was controversial. The last episode featured Adam Sandler and Chris Rock, according to Us Weekly.

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